The Scoop on RFPs: How Grant Funders Target and Attract Proposals

Greetings readers, have we got a scoop for you?! Imagine that you receive an invitation to a friend’s birthday party. It’s been so long since you’ve been to a party that you excitedly toss the invitation on the counter and rush to get ready. You put on some nice clothes and buy a fine bottle of wine as a gift. You stroll confidently up to your friend’s house and eagerly knock on the door. You are in rare form for a good time with friends. The door opens … and a flood of babbling toddlers with balloons pushes out. Your friend is standing in the doorway, raising a quizzical eyebrow, and you’re holding a bottle of wine. That invitation? It was for his five-year-old’s birthday party.

Such is the predicament grant seekers might find themselves in if they don’t carefully read a request for proposals or RFP. At, grant seekers can easily find the right grant writer who can ensure that this is never an issue. 

What Is an RFP?

An RFP, or Request for Proposal, is a tool that a funding source uses to attract proposals that align with their interests. It is an invitation that outlines precisely what they are seeking from a proposal.

For a grant seeker, an RFP will inform them of the funder’s interests, allowing them to tailor their Letter of Intent (LOI) or full grant application to generate interest in their proposed program or activity.

An RFP will also list more general information such as deadline dates, terms of contract, and the estimated size of the grant. But most importantly for a grant seeker, an RFP lists eligibility requirements. Without carefully reading an RFP, grant seekers may waste their time creating a proposal for a grant that they don’t even qualify for.

RFPs can be easily researched by general recipients and collected on databases like GrantWatch. On GrantWatch, subscribers can review a synopsis of the eligibility requirements and read more in-depth information on the URL provided to the RFP.

So, that’s our scoop. And the lesson here? Don’t be the odd-man-out at the party. Read the RFP carefully and make sure you and your funder have the same goals in mind. 

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