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Grant Writer Request #01042020B

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Grant Writer Wanted for Foreign Language Education Nonprofit for African American Students in Rural America


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Grant Writer Request #01042020B

Primary Purpose:
Grant support for nonprofit services, related to the mission: Request for funds to host a community event to market the organization's services to the community (purchase marketing material, Gift packs or give-aways for students, light (catered) meal for parents in attendance who sign in.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
In a nutshell: Our program promotes foreign language learning in rural and African American communities. Although all students will have access to services, the target group will be given priority. Foreign language study is on the rise, but there are specific segments of students in the U.S. who are not rising to the challenge. For this reason, these students will be excluded completely or at best less equipped to excel in a global environment. Many rural schools (serving students of rural communities) do not offer foreign language(s) as a required course. In addition, African American students in both rural and urban areas are disproportionately represented in foreign language study programs. These facts translate into low language program enrollments in colleges and minimal foreign language acquisition by rural and African American learners, not to mention the cultural incompetence in the target demographics. At this time, the focus is on one counties surrounding counties in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Funding is needed to host our First Community Event at the Knight Nonprofit Center in Gulfport, MS, where we would like to invite the public. We are requesting matching funds: $1500 - $2500 in dollars (or in-kind contributions).
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Our organization is a(n): Non Profit
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We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: Mississippi Gulf Coast
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