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Grant Writer Request #01122021A

Project Start Date: January 19, 2021

Grant Writer Needed for a Homeless Shelter


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Grant Writer Request #01122021A

Primary Purpose:
To better our Community/Neighborhood with a Self Sufficient Homeless Shelter. Our refuge center will house families with children, teenagers, men, women, and the elderly. This facility will have a k-12 school we will house up to 200-255 people out of this group there will be at least 25-30 Families with small children. This will not be a substance abuse placement. We will not in-take street people- an individual's desire is to live on the streets. We will have a small Cafeteria, a job center to help people get back into society to learn the value of working and getting back their lives, giving them an opportunity to come back and working with their fellow man learning how to pay their bills and put food on the table, etc. Helping one another.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
The Facility will cost at least $400,000 The Program K-12 Academy Connection online K-10 public school. The cafeteria will need food and all the supplies for a kitchen from the utensils to the pots and pans, chairs, and tables. Give back Room this room will supply the individual with clothing and accessories to dress for school work and clothing for all sizes and from infants to the Elderly. New and Used apparel. Clergy/Dr.of Christianity small Church within the facility-with Prayer Services and Christian Music through-out and on the grounds. A small playground for the children and their parents with Church music play on the playground mostly children's Christian music. A small room for the people that would like to study theology from Disciple to Deacons to Preachers etc. This facility will be based on Christianity and the Bible a Faith-filled Center. A small Laundry Room with Four Washers and Dryers.
Project Description:
Provide your hourly rate for writing curriculum for: 15 hours per week for 9 weeks.   For a total of 135 hours.
There should be at least one grant for the building. A grant for a small job center. We are seeking multiple grants for this Center because it will have several departments. The Kitchen/Cafeteria will need a grant for all the products that are needed in these areas. We will need a grant for a Faculty that teach theology. I am in hope of getting all this done within a timely manner there are so many people homeless in our area so we get them up and on their feet helping them to become apart of society, a grant is a need for a woman of color. I will need the grant to fill the kitchen with nourishing food for all the people that live there and the people that will be working there too. For a Self Sufficient facility will employ the homeless when they get on their feet there will be a room for the next homeless person that desire to get back to working and being a fellow man/woman that is productive in life.
Provide your hourly rate for crowdfunding mentoring for: 10 hours per week for 24 weeks.   For a total of 240 hours.
Our refuge center will house these individuals for at least 18 months to 2 years This will all depend upon your level of homelessness. There are homeless people with family members that are still alive we will work at getting them a supportive person hopefully a family member. You see this is something like a disease or a bad moment in one's life where you may see people giving up on life in this area we will work hard to get them back on their feet. In some areas of homelessness just having something positive to do and bringing it home to the family is a leap forward yes we will need all the funding we can gather to help these individuals with whatever they situation may be there is such a wide range of distortion when helping the homeless.
The Grant Writer should be ready to begin work on: January 19, 2021
Organizational Status:
Our organization is a(n): Non Profit
Our company is in existence for: 16 Year(s) 1 Months
We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: Manatee and Sarasota Florida
Food Pantry, Out Reach Program giving back to the community with clothes, shoes, and food, and other things people donate throughout the year. The Out Reach was every month but since the plague, it has slowed down to every two to three months is not at all. It is a program that is done within my church with all the church members that volunteer to help.
Current Revenue:
With Donations throughout the church and maybe sometimes other people in the neighborhood. The Food Pantry- I pay for the food out of my pocket and whatever I can get free from different places like MOW-Meals on Wheels plus. Every now and then a good samaritan gives donations.
Grant History:
This will be our first time applying for grant funding.
Homelessness isn't or shouldn't be in the Riches Country in the World or Hungry. So, I'll help whoever needs help in my area.
We have not previously received grant funds.
We do not have a copy of our previously written grant application(s).
We do not have a fundraising packet.  Hoping you will be able to help me with fundraising.
We have an agency mission statement: I said it earlier. My Mission is to help my people/homeless people in America one of the Richest Countries in the world. There should never be a homeless or hungry person in our country. These are my people and I will help them because no one else will.