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Grant Writer Request #02102021G

Project Start Date: Immediately

Grant Writer Needed for Training, Education, and Advocacy for Caregivers


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Grant Writer Request #02102021G

Primary Purpose:
Our nonprofit is the only organization that is dedicated to training, educating, and advocating for these caregivers in the county. We desperately need to elevate these caregivers in the national arena, noting the nobility and sacrifice that they make every day. We need help doing that.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
We are applying for an FCC grant for a statewide telehealth program, but it will not pay the personal costs, travel, marketing, etc.
Project Description:
Provide your hourly rate for research and locating grants for: 3 hours per week for 4 weeks.   For a total of 12 hours.
The Grant Writer should be ready to begin work on: Immediately
Organizational Status:
Our organization is a(n): Non Profit, 501c3
Our company is in existence for: 1 Year(s)
We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: Wyoming
Training, education, and Advocate for non-professional familial caregivers, we complete hands-on training on medication management, vitals, safety and transfers, paperwork, and caregiver burnout.

Grant History:
This will be our first time applying for grant funding.
Our organization is pleased to provide training and guidance for developing your own Caregiver Boot Camp in your community. The purpose of this program is to train and empower as many communities based, non-professional caregivers as possible in each community. Why is this important for your community? Informal/Lay/family caregivers provided $522 BILLION a year in uncompensated care in 2014. This number is expected to rise over the next 20 years. These caregivers rarely receive basic training, support, or follow up. Resulting in personal financial loss, increased medical costs, caregiver burnout and decreased quality of life for the caregivers and the ones receiving care. Who does this affect? Basically, everyone is affected by this. Your local economy is affected, your taxes, the availability of state and federal funding is stretched thin. Providers, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Assisted Livings, and Home Health Agencies see the need every day, but there are simply not enough professional caregivers to meet this need. EvelynElaine was grown out of a community service project. My home health agency asked 3 questions; What can we do to affect the quality of life for the elderly in our community? What is the most needed training? How can we train an entire community to be caregivers in an hour and a half increments? We built the program in 2019, trained 30 members of the community, and then COVID-19 hit the state. We were unable to continue the training and donations and funding opportunities dried up.
We have previously received $1,000 in grant funds.
We have a copy of our previously written grant application(s).
a local foundation that wanted to help get us off the ground.
We do not have a fundraising packet.
We do not have an agency mission statement.