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Grant Writer Request #04052021D

Project Start Date: Immediately

Grant Writer Needed For Program Which Discovers Culture Through Craft and Music


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Grant Writer Request #04052021D

Primary Purpose:
This project is starting on 6/1/2021. I have a written business plan and an annual budget completed. I have tried to apply for grants online but keep coming into roadblocks that I can't overcome. This project will be dependent on grant support. I’m not sure what path to take to be find and apply for these grants so that is why I am coming to you.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
Discovering culture through craft and music.
Spread the word. That is the ultimate goal of this engaged, journalistic quest. Documenting the lives of the Luthiers and Django style musicians from around the world.
The Instrumental Milestone will be “Discovering culture through craft and music" by exploring the influence of French Luthiers', the music of Django Reinhardt and his unique style here in America. Connecting Django's jazz with American jazz. I will be traveling first in North America, (due to the pandemic), showing the many lakes and ponds of Django’s influence streaming together creating a global ocean of Django’s culture, musical philosophy, and ambition.
Therefore, positively educating the American people at large by giving them a glimpse of a culture that exists abroad and right here in the USA
Showcasing these talented individuals and taking part in the lives of the luthiers who create these instruments and the musicians who play this music and also getting further into French and Romani history, culture and the word ”Gypsy”.
I will be working with the Luthiers, sitting in with any and all musicians, putting on small live concerts, interviewing everybody, including ethnomusicologists, Django scholars, and Romani and French culture experts.
These cities that will contain a single luthier or more building the Selmer style guitar as well as “Hot Clubs” or individual players in the Django style that stand out. I will also be documenting the city, it’s culture, the venues that Django’s music is played, and, of course, the food and the more peculiar crafts and music of that city. These adventures will take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks in each American city.
Project Description:
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