10 Inexpensive Marketing Tips for Grant Writers

It is common for new grant writers to be uncertain about how to attract clientele. Even seasoned grant writers can benefit from some marketing tips when it comes to increasing their client base. Relying on former clients alone may not be sustainable in the long run, so it is crucial to seek out other avenues for increasing your reach as a grant writer. Today, GrantWriterTeam is listing 10 inexpensive marketing tips to help your grant writing business grow.

1. Network with Other Grant Writers

Writers can network both online and in the physical world. They can connect online with grant writers in groups. This can be done on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. There are also grant writer associations that have an online and offline presence. Those associations are another way to market grant writing services. Grant writers may have a specific clientele or niche they serve while another grant writer may serve a different market. In addition, if another writer is unavailable to take on a project, they may be more likely to pass your name along to a prospective client.

2. Get Involved in Your Community

Another way for grant writers to find clients is to get involved in their community. They can do this by volunteering for local nonprofits, joining local religious organizations, and attending fundraisers and events. They can also connect with businesses seeking grant writing services. This can be done by joining local business groups, civic groups, or a local chamber of commerce.

3. Post an Ad

Create an ad on a job board. Grant writers can advertise their services on a general freelance job board. They can also market their grant-writing business on an industry-specific job board like GrantWriterTeam. To post your ad, visit GrantWriterTeam and fill out this questionnaire.

4. Focus on Getting Referrals

One of the best ways to get clients is by referrals. When a client is pleased with a writer’s work, they are likely to recommend their services to others. However, even if a client is happy with your services, they may not always think to give a referral. It is a good idea to let your client know how much you appreciate their referral. A good time to ask for a referral is after the completion of a successful project.

5. Send Out an Email Newsletter

Gathering emails of current, past, and potential clients can put you ahead of your competition. Many writers overlook sending emails as a marketing tool, but this resource can be invaluable. Social media platforms and search engines update their algorithms, which might affect how you appear in searches.  So in addition to social media, it is important to stay connected and on your target customer’s radar. Emails are an easy, effective, and low-cost way to send information to people directly. This allows current customers to view the writer as a trusted and valuable resource, while also attracting new clients. It also gives writers a chance to showcase their writing skills.

6. Use Social Media

As a grant writer, a social media presence helps you gain clients. Many prospective clients are active on social media. It is a good idea to have at least a few active social media accounts. LinkedIn is especially useful for professional networking. Facebook is another networking hub that is useful for grant writers. There are numerous writing and professional groups you might join to meet other writers and gain valuable insight. Again, it is important to keep the profile professional, relevant, and helpful to attract and keep followers.

7. List Testimonials and Reviews

Testimonials and reviews are a great way to get your name out there and increase your branding. Potential clients are likely to ask for reviews and it looks good if you have a long list of testimonials and reviews with positive experiences to share. Asking past satisfied clients to review your services on sites like Facebook and Google helps your online image. You should also place these reviews and testimonials on your website. Video testimonials are also especially powerful as they add a personal touch and give a face to current clients.

8. Have a Professional Website

A website is important because it gives you, as the writer, a marketing home base online. Social networks come and go in popularity and not every client may be a big social media user. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a website where anyone online can find you.  This is an excellent place to share your resume, price list, writing samples, and testimonials.  In addition, it’s good to have an About Me page with an appropriate picture, professional history, and a dynamic bio that invites your potential clients to explore the rest of your site.

9. Branding

It is imperative to ensure that your marketing materials, both online and offline have a professional and cohesive look.  Your websites, social media accounts, and business cards should complement your skills as a grant writer to build your credibility with prospective clients. People want to hire someone who looks professional and trustworthy. When pursuing a career in grant writing you may choose to specialize in the types of grants you write.  If this is so, this is something you can showcase in your marketing materials.

10. Interviews

Another way to market grant-writing services is to participate in interviews on podcasts, news outlets, blogs, and video channels that connect with your target market.  Interviews put a personal touch on the professional writing image you wish to convey.  Allowing your potential clients to see and hear you can extend your marketing reach and open the door to new projects.

We hope this article triggered some new ideas that you can use to improve your marketing presence.

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