3 Essential Tips for Successful Grant Writing

Many organizations learn a great deal about their own goals during the process of applying for grants. Many discover shortcomings in eligibility requirements, and many more discover insight toward setting practical goals for their campaigns.  This does not have to be the case, however. To successfully apply for grants, an organization should set out to clearly define their goals, campaign, and strategies for accomplishing their target.

With the proper research and reflection, any nonprofit can successfully apply to grants year-round.  Let’s take a look at 3 essential tips that professional grant writers use to apply for grants, and how you may use them for your nonprofit!

1. Know Your Organization

Applying for grants requires a crystal-clear vision, representation, and execution of your project campaign.  The organization that is applying to grants must be able to accurately describe its raison d’etre, or reason for being, its goals, and its aspirations.  Have you taken the time to define each part of your nonprofit to yourself? For starters, make a list of simple, straightforward questions that potential donors and sponsors may ask.  Such as,

  1. Why was this organization founded?
  2. What does this organization intend to accomplish?
  3. How is this organization different from others in the field?
  4. Who does this organization represent?
  5. When do you expect results from your organization?
  6. Where will your organization make the most impact?

Answering these questions will help you explain your mission succinctly and powerfully.  By understanding your group’s core principles, you will have a solid foundation on which to promote your mission.

2. Know Your Donor

Understanding each and every aspect of your organization will allow you to align your group with donors that accord with your mission and its ideals. It is important to research every potential donor, as each donor, no matter how similar, will have slightly differing values. Donor research will save your organization a lot of time because you will already know which ones are worth the application process. This research further equips you for your grant application because you will be prepared to answer the questions with your donor’s expected results in mind.  Knowing your donor ingratiates your organization simply by demonstrating due diligence to like-minded, philanthropic efforts.

3. Know Your Goals

You know what your organization stands for, and you know what your potential donors support; but, how are you going to make a practical change in your field of philanthropy? Knowing your goals involves precise planning.  Know your numbers! The more you can quantify your campaign with objective numbers, the more realistic your campaign will appear to donors. Do not use vague language, guessing, or improvised numbers.  Present your goals with transparent honesty and well thought-out plans. Do not make your potential donors guess if your funding target is too much or not enough; or, how exactly the money will be distributed for each step of the campaign.  Premeditate your campaign goals to the penny! Imagine you are the donor, and ask yourself every question as to how to make your campaign successful. If you can answer every question with proper explanations, then your goals are ready for proposal!

For Your Grant Writing Library

Successful Grant Writing Tips at GrantNews.pressYou know what you need to express in your grant applications. With this book, Perfect Phrases for Writing Grant Proposals, by Dr. Beverly Browning, you can learn how to express these topics. Dr. Browning demonstrates how to introduce your organization and its accreditations; how to describe your campaign and its goals; and, much more! Use the right phrases when you apply for a grant–the key words donors are looking for!

More Tips for Your Nonprofit

Now that you are ready to apply for grants, how do you find them? Go to GrantWatch.com and search for thousands of grants from over 50 categories. This directory makes finding grants a fast and simple process. Once you have found a grant that suits your nonprofit’s eligibility requirements (all details given at GrantWatch.com), you may begin the application process! To ensure your application is fulfilled to the highest degree, it is strongly recommended that your nonprofit hire a professional grant writer for your second or third grant.  The first grant should be your trial where you gather all the information needed for an application.

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About the Author: The author is a contributor to online nonprofit publications.