Become a Grant Winning Organization

To be awarded grants and become a grant winning organization, you need to focus on perfecting grant seeking and grant writing skills. To do this, first learn where to look for funding and what the funding sources themselves are looking to award money for.

You can choose to write a grant yourself or to hire a contract grant writer from The consultant from GrantWriterTeam can fully write the grant for you or direct your grant writing team on which grants might be appropriate for your fundraising needs.

So, before you sit down to write a grant, you must first locate a funding opportunity. Meet with your associates and ask, “What local funders have provided us with funding in the past five years? How is our relationship with them? Can we approach them again?”

One of the best places to search for grants is, the affiliated grant search engine of There, you will find grants listed from federal, state, or local agencies and foundations and corporations.

You may not have considered this in the past, but networking with other grant writers may be a way to go. Comment on our Facebook posts or blog and see who joins in the fray. Reach out to successful grant writers and ask them what works. They may have advice for you, depending on the funding source. They will also provide you with pointers on how to organize and write the sections of your proposal. They may tell you to emphasize certain programming and leave out others.

A great grant writing consultant can be found at Just request a grant writer.

In addition, get the word out about your organization. Write and disseminate press releases, go to events to hand out business cards and call your congressional team members. Then, go to your city or county economic development agencies and call your governor’s office to ask about what funding is available for your organization. Sometimes, funding sources are more likely to fund a recognizable name.

It takes a lot to be a winning organization, but with some effort, you could be one too! For help with grant proposal writing, contact at (561)249-4129. Through GrantWriterTeam, you could be linked to successful grant writers with knowledge, expertise, and leadership skills.