Businesses Supporting Nonprofits: Success Through Giving

When businesses support nonprofits they see a return on their investment in so many ways! Not only is the business supporting a cause they believe in, but they are also increasing engagement and expanding their client base. The best thing? Corporate philanthropy comes in many shapes and forms. For example, businesses can build grants to donate computers, valuable consulting services, and/or funding. In addition, they might also donate volunteers, even even spread the good word on social media. But to be perfectly honest, no matter how you shape it, businesses supporting nonprofits are experiencing success through giving. Are you one of them? If not, maybe this is your sign to start.

The Benefits Of Businesses Supporting Nonprofits

Business leaders who choose to support nonprofits understand the perpetual benefit of doing so. For these businesses, the return on their investment is calculated in many ways. For example, did you know that supporting a nonprofit cause will increase the morale of your team? Additionally, businesses that support nonprofits organically increase their reach along with increased interest and loyalty for existing customers. Not to mention, the benefits of supporting a cause that your corporation believes in. With this purpose in mind, each business should support a nonprofit in a way that is meaningful for them. The rewards are limitless for businesses supporting nonprofits.

“Businesses can support nonprofits by offering a mix of financial donations and in-kind services. The in-kind services might be pro bono accounting, marketing, or legal services. If the nonprofit can substitute a donated service or product for something that are currently paying for, then that’s a win for both the business and the organization.” Kimberly LewisGoodwill Industries of East Texas, Inc.

How Businesses Offer Support To Nonprofits

Supporting a nonprofit does not always look like a sizable cash donation, but it is the most popular method. In-kind grants are also an efficient way to offer support through your business. In-kind grants provide resources rather than funding to nonprofits. To illustrate, the 1st grant that the founder of GrantWatch and GrantWriterTeam wrote was awarded as an In-Kind Grant for her school. You can read more in her book The Queen of Grants: From Teacher to Grant Writer to CEO. For nonprofits operating with limited resources, these resources are extremely impactful.

Ways To Support Nonprofits As A Business

The best thing about supporting a nonprofit is the reward of knowing you have helped make an impact for a cause you believe in. Because of this, foundations, corporations, and government entities may list a grant with GrantWatch to experience increased engagement. Peruse the following list for more information on this and other popular forms of support.

  1. Volunteer  – Find a cause that your team believes in and create ways for your team to volunteer as a group.
  2. Social Media – Support your favorite nonprofit and get creative with social media shoutouts.
  3. Donations – Funding always helps. Furthermore, if your business donates, you receive tax breaks.
  4. Build a Grant – Many businesses offer grants to causes that are aligned with their business models.

In conclusion, businesses not only boost team morale and customer loyalty but also foster a sense of purpose within their communities. Embracing philanthropy isn’t just about giving back—it’s about reaping the rewards of making a meaningful impact.

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