Competitive Nonprofits

What can nonprofits do to be competitive in the grant process? Let walk you through the process.

Let’s face it. You’re not the only nonprofit applying for a grant. There are hundreds upon thousands of deserving nonprofits out there. How do you make yourself stand out? First, focus on name recognition. To boost recognition, create a consistent visual brand. This means get a logo. We suggest that you keep it simple with a symbol and the name or abbreviation of your nonprofit. Put your logo out through social media and make it a part of every staff member’s email signature.

If you’re interested in placing your logo on, become a subscriber. We welcome new subscribers that give us their logo, through our facebook and other social media pages. We are happy to help get the word out! If you contact us through, we will also write an article about your nonprofit’s work. This article can be added to the appendix of a grant application.

Write about how your nonprofit benefits the community. What are your interventions for apparent problems in your community? List of all your past, current and future programs. Think about your measurable outcomes. For example, if you are a nonprofit clinic, consider what services you will offer and how outcomes can be assessed. You may have clinicians on staff who can prescribe medicine. In addition, you may have a dispensary that provides free or discounted prescriptions. In these ways, you offer healthcare. Outcomes can then be measured through health outcomes. Did the rate of disease lower? Are there more people who are being treated for their conditions?

After listing your programs, start thinking about previous and future fundraising events. is a great place to start a crowfunding campaign and demonstrate to the foundation or government agency how you engage the community to support your programs.

There are many additional great fundraising ideas for nonprofits. Some of them include raffles, recreational tournaments, auctions, yard sales, bake sales, networking dinners, community events, fairs and much more. Remember to display your logo at these events and generate interest in your work through informative flyers, volunteers, and fun giveaways.

Remember, to be meticulous when completing a grant application. The funding source wants to know that their money is going toward an organization with the capacity to administrate community interventions. Funding sources want to fund sustainable programs.

For support on grant writing, get a grant writer from They are professional, experienced, and knowledgeable about the nonprofit world. Request a writer and wait for bids to be emailed to you from a GrantWriterTeam specialist.