Expanding Internet Access to Rural Areas Means Local Governments Connecting to Grant Writers

Do you live in a rural community?

Improving internet access to rural residents could cost Skagit County as much as $1 billion, but government officials aren’t quite sure where or how they will find the funds for expanding broadband coverage.

Some county commissioners believe a grant writer may be the answer.

Although the position is not in the budget plans, Bobby Jackson, a commissioner for the county that occupies the northwestern corner of the State of Washington, thinks a grant writer can pay for itself.

But first, Libby Hikind, founder and CEO of GrantWatch.com and GrantWriterTeam, said grant writers must be skilled at navigating through the often-complex eligibility requirements to identify and secure new funding.

Skagit County hopes to apply directly to the federal government or to programs within the State of Washington that take advantage of dark fiber networks, an information infrastructure currently in place, but not in use to extend internet service to outlying areas. Hikind said a grant writer with some background and understanding of the subject matter of a grant is helpful, but not always necessary.  A good grant writer becomes the expert on any topic through good old fashioned research and conferences with the client and asking experts in the field right-on target questions.

Once hired, the commissioners believe a grant writer might broaden the county’s fundraising scope and bring in enough money to offset a full-time salary and, perhaps, begin to balance Skagit’s budget.

Hikind says she built GrantWriterTeam in response to the need for skilled grant writers when local government agencies and nonprofits could not afford to hire a full-time grant writer.

Those agencies without the budget to invest in hiring or training a grant writer will turn to GrantWriterTeam.com. Proposal writers at GrantWriterTeam.com translate ideas into compelling grant proposals.

Grant writing is a skilled craft that involves the ability to research and sell a program’s needs, objectives and activities in narrative form. The process and the ability to communicate a vision based on best practices and a cost effective programmatic budget with evaluation mechanisms should not be underestimated.

Writers at GrantWriterTeam.com will collect all background data, articulate concepts and ensure that arguments are well-documented. Grant writing can be extremely puzzling and require multiple applications before achieving success. For those agencies that do not have the time and energy to commit to writing a grant proposal, GrantWriterTeam.com will help find a qualified writer who does.

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About the Author: Staff Writer for GrantWatch