Five Tips Every Grant Writer Should Have for Success

GrantWriterTeam understands that there is a lot of pressure when it comes to writing a grant, and trying to earn it successfully for your client. That is why GrantWriterTeam wants to let you in on some tips and tricks that will make the grant writing process much smoother and increase your chances of earning a grant.

1. Communicate with your client

Communication is key. When you are writing a grant for a client, you want to put yourself in their shoes. Communication is your answer to achieving this goal. Communication will help you stay organized and keep you on schedule. We recommend staying in touch by either email or phone so that there is no miscommunication.

2. Stay on top of it

It is so important to stay on schedule while going through the grant writing process. There are deadlines for grants that must be accomplished and it is on you to make that happen. As tip one said, communicate with your client so that you do not get behind. Do not procrastinate, take a deep breathe, and work hard.

3. Give ideas

Although it is important for your client to have the biggest influence on what is being written, offer some of your ideas. As an experienced grant writer, you have tips and tricks that you have used in the past that can help earn the grant you are hoping for.  You and your client can brainstorm together to come up with what is going to be the most successful options. Two heads are always better than one and your client will appreciate your insight.

4. Research

It is so important to research. If you are working with a nonprofit, you need to look into the nonprofit and get as much information as you can. You should also do research on the grant provider to look at previous grants they have offered, success stories, and gather any helpful information.

5. Have fun

Writing a grant is fun. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to be creative and earn money. Feel good about the fact that you are not only serving your client, but helping so many other people in the process. If your client is awarded the grant, you are serving there nonprofit and so many lives will be touched by your help.