Ghost-Grant Writers

Joining the Team: if you are an experienced skilled grant writer, it is easy enough. Fill out the application at I Am a Grant Writer.

We have a customer support specialist at 561 249-4129,, that will help you every step of the way.

What we’re looking for is grant writers with 3 or more successful funded grants under their belts who can provide one-page writing samples from each of the 3 grant proposals. This would illustrate to our clients your writing style and experience as a grant writer.

What Happens Once You Join the Team?

After you complete the administration requirements and your profile is approved, you will begin bidding and most likely be chosen for a job. You will then contact the client and work out deliverables and a payment schedule through our portal.

What’s a Ghostwriter?

You might be wondering, what is ghostwriting? This is when you accept payment for writing but the funding source does not know your name. At, you will be a ghostwriter. So, you will not be the point of contact for the grants you write. But, it is likely that your client will be happy to receive your services and hire you for a 2nd or 3rd grant. It’s also important to know all payments will be received through the portal.

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