Grant Writers Wanted is looking for experienced and skilled grant writers to join our team. We are looking for grant writers with varied subject matter expertise.  You may be an expert in science or health grants; maybe your forte is educational grants? Or maybe you write well for community interventions? Our client base encompasses all grant topics – so whatever your grant writing career direction, we most probably have a grant writer request waiting for you!

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Once you are a grant writer with, you will have a chance to bid on all projects on this page. We get new requests for grant writers almost everyday.  Often times these jobs are filled very quickly. If you follow us on GrantWriterTeam’s Twitter account, you will get a tweet every time we post a new grant.

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These are the most recent grant writer requests – but don’t be surprised if the links do not work because the job got filled:

The Complete Book of Grant Writing

The Complete Book of Grant Writing by Nancy Burke Smith and E. Gabriel Works details the Five Core Components of every grant, like the statement of need, the evaluation plan, and budgets. It also discusses what would compel a funding source to award you the grant, among other things. It would be a helpful read to any grant writer.

So, if you’re an experienced grant writer, having written 3 grants that were funded, join GrantWriterTeam today. Once you have bid on a project and are selected, you can discuss deliverables like sections of the proposal with the client.

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