Grant Writing Bid Etiquette










There is table etiquette. And there is etiquette for grant writers when bidding on projects

Once your profile at is complete with professional references and a resume highlighting your grant accomplishments – and you have accepted your contract with us, you will be able to bid on current, live grant writer requests.  

How to Bid:

  1. Read the writer request to see if it matches your expertise.
  2. Click Bid Now.
  3. Do not include your hourly charge in the first sentences of the bid paragraphs.
  4. Highlight your specific writing skill-set.
  5. Submit your bid!

First, read the writer request. There maybe a veteran’s shelter, a women’s’ support organization, an athletic program or a wide variety of nonprofits and small businesses that are looking for funding. What in your experience prepares you to write for them? It could be your job to not only write a grant or multiple grants for them but to help them search for grants. It’s important to understand with what they are seeking assistance.

If the request asks for help to fund a free health clinic but you have experience writing grants for low-income housing nonprofits, then highlight your experience with writing for low-income area projects. We are looking for highly skilled writers with specialties. 









When you’ve determined a job is appropriate for you, click Bid Now. This will send you to a screen which asks about your pricing structure and abilities plus your expertise. DON’T talk about your pricing structure in the first sentence here. Emphasize your skills.

In the first sentence of each of the bid paragraphs, you should take the opportunity to really highlight your talents and experience. The first time we submit your bid the client will get your single bid. Every day, the client will get a cumulative email with all the bids – until they decide upon a grant writer.  In the chart, they will see your first sentence of each paragraph.










Finally, submit your bid. Then, wait for the client to choose you. You are allowed unlimited bidding for the time that you are a paid member. 

At GrantWriterTeam, we have two types of membership: One-week and one-month. Each comes with free membership to GrantWatch for the same time period. You can choose when your membership at GrantWatch should begin – most likely you will want to start it when you have a client. 

About the Author: Sabeen is an MPH and currently writing for and its affiliated websites.