How to Keep Your Grant Writing Clients Happy

Are you a grant writer?

If so,  you are probably spending half to one-quarter of your time finding new grant writing clients. How about living a much less stressful life by spending some of that time, just keeping your current grant writing clients happy.

How do you keep your clients happy?

  1. When you start the job – be sure you have a few ways to reach your client.
  2. Be responsive – respond to your clients’ emails and texts as they come in – even if it is an, “I am sorry I can’t talk now – but I can in an hour.”
  3. Be transparent – create a contract with a system of deliverables – as we have on GrantWriterTeam – so that everyone knows the date you will complete each part of the whole application. Meet your deadlines!!!
  4. Provide your client with their work product after they pay for a deliverable. (On GrantWriterTeam you will upload deliverables, enter a complete date and after payment, the client can download their work product.)
  5. Mark drafts clearly as drafts – so no one gets upset over minor errors.
  6. Give your client a running list of documents needed – marking the date due when received and remind them often.  You cannot submit a grant without all the documents.  No one is happy when stress is created on the day of the grant deadline looking for documents.
  7. Read the RFP or application carefully so there are no surprises halfway into the application.
  8. Spell check anything you provide to your client. Proofread and edit your text – you are the professional!  A client should only need to review your text for content.
  9. If you make a mistake – take responsibility, apologize and happily correct your error. A happy client is a returning client.
  10. Thank the client for the opportunity to have worked with them and suggest your next steps.

At GrantWriterTeam we want you to develop a long-term relationship with your client and we have set up our portal in a way that rewards those long-term relationships. To find new clients and grant writing projects complete your profile on

About the Author: Libby Hikind is a retired grant writer and the founder and CEO of