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How to Make Your Grant Writer Request More Appealing to Grant Writers

Finding skilled grant writers is easier than ever before thanks to GrantWriterTeam. The site uses a job bidding system to connect nonprofits with writers who have experience in grant writing. First, clients seeking a writer will fill out a Grant Writer Request form which details their organization and needs. This job then gets posted to GrantWriterTeam’s jobs board where our grant writers are able to review them. If a writer takes interest in your job as you’ve detailed it in your request, they will submit a bid on your request and you can proceed to work with them.

But how do you ensure you attract as many grant writers as possible? Do you want to make your grant writer request appealing to writers and stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips and best practices to make your grant writer request more appealing to grant writers.

1. Be Detailed

The best thing you can do to make your grant writer request more appealing is to be detailed. As a rule, the more detail you include in your responses, the better. A grant writer wants to get as complete a picture of your organization and your goal as they can. This will allow them to make an informed decision. Grant writers are far more likely to pass over requests that are nondescript and use vague wording.

2. Be Concise

While this tip might seem to contradict the previous one, the two actually work together. You must strike a balance between detail and brevity. While you may be tempted to write an entire book on your organization and its needs, your grant writer request is not the best place to post. Grant writers value their time. They may see your several paragraphs and simply choose to move on to a request with less to read.

3. Be Professional

Professional writers are attracted to professional organizations. You must convey your professionalism in your request. Express complete thoughts. Use proper punctuation and formatting. Writers want to trust who they are working with and being professional helps build this trust.

4. Have a Strong Title

The first thing a grant writer sees on when searching for new jobs is the request’s title. Your request should have an eye-catching, but professional title. The title to your request should sum up the body of the request. For example: “Grant Writer Needed by Medical Nonprofit to Fund Program Benefitting Homeless Community.” An example of a bad title would be: “Plz help me get grants. I’m poor but cute!” Any serious writer is going to dismiss this request immediately.

If you haven’t filled out your grant writer request yet, these tips will help bring it to the next level. And if you’ve already filled out and submitted your request, but would like to make some changes, you can contact GrantWriterTeam and revise your request!