How Often Should I Apply For Grants?

Grants are a valuable tool for nonprofits, businesses, and even individuals looking to secure funding. However, did you know that building a grant pipeline is perhaps the best way to increase your chances of being awarded a grant? Grant seekers who neglect to build a sustainable grant pipeline often miss valuable opportunities by doing so. GrantWriterTeam has the lowdown on how to build a sustainable grant pipeline for your business.

What Type of Grant Seeker Are You?

Every grant cycle is unique, based on the needs of the grant seeker. The first question is, what type of seeker are you? Submitting a grant proposal for a grant you are not even qualified for will ensure your grant application is denied. You will not receive the grant in this case, so why frustrate yourself? Are you an individual looking for research grants for your Ph.D., a start-up business, or a 501c3 nonprofit organization? Knowing what type of grant seeker you are will help you discover how often you should apply for grants. Furthermore, did you know that you can apply for a grant more than once? As an illustration, some funders may want to see that you have grown your reach or registered with the IRS since your last grant application was submitted before awarding you a grant.

How Often Do Grants Seekers Need to Apply?

Nonprofit Organizations – As the most aggressive type of grant-seekers, nonprofits may apply for up to 2-3 grants per week. Because of this, many nonprofit organizations have a full-time grant writer on staff.

Business & For Profit Organizations – Businesses are encouraged to apply for grants on a monthly or quarterly basis. Many businesses apply for the same grants each year to secure capital funding.

Individual Grant Seekers – Individuals are more likely to pursue grants for a one-off project of need. However, professional teachers and researchers often apply for grants seasonally.

Build A Sustainable Grant Pipeline

After you have located grants of interest, the next step is to organize your calendar to ensure that you are applying for grants regularly. After all, building a sustainable grant pipeline is the best way to secure funding for your organization. First, understand and outline the type of grants you are applying for. Furthermore, always keep applying! Grants are competitive, and you will not win every grant you apply for. While applying for grants is hard work, if you build a grant cycle and dedicate time to applying to grants regularly, you will likely secure the funding you need for your cause.

Find A Grant You Are Eligible For

Understanding the type of grants that can help secure funding for your special interests is critical. You will achieve the best results during your grant-seeking journey if you utilize the easy-to-use GrantWatch grant database. With this ground-breaking tool, you can confirm grant eligibility requirements no matter where you are in your grant-seeking journey.