How to Create A Winning Strategy For Operating Grants

Many organizations are desperate to secure the funding they need. Resources to pay for important expenses like salaries and rent are often limited, especially when an organization is first starting up. The great news is that operating grants are available for this exact purpose. Many funders award grants to provide critical resources. These grants provide help to organizations by awarding them the funding they need to operate. A grant writer is likely to improve your chances of submitting a successful grant application. Luckily, GrantWriterTeam has what you need; a way to connect with an experienced grant writer.

What Is An Operating Grant?

Operating grants provide general operating funds for an organization. What’s more, these grants are often mostly unrestricted dollars. To illustrate, expenses like salaries, rent, utilities, and fundraising can be funded using operating grants. First, build a pipeline of grants to secure the total amount of funding needed. It’s also important to note that organizations should apply for more than one grant to secure the funding required to operate. Grants are competitive, and you will not win every grant you apply for. Because of this, you or your grant writer keep applying! Grant databases are excellent places to find operating and GrantWatch has an entire category dedicated to this type of funding.

How To Apply For An Operating Grant

A well-written grant proposal allows potential funders to easily determine whether or not they will fund your project. If you write your grant application yourself, be professional and remember that your objective is to persuade your reader to become a potential funder. Above all, be realistic, set concrete expectations, and clearly communicate your needs. Demonstrate your research, strategies, budget, and ultimate goals if awarded. It’s true, it can be overwhelming to prepare grant proposals at first. However, following an outline will help you. Below is a commonly used structure for writing a successful grant proposal.

  1. Check Eligibility – This is crucial. A funder’s goals align with you or your organization. Do not change your mission to apply for a grant. The best way to have your proposal stand out is to ensure that your organization already strongly aligns with the funder’s guidelines.
  2. Outline Your Needs In Detail – Funders work hard to ensure that their money goes toward worthy causes. A strong grant proposal outlines the problem you’re attempting to solve and how funding will provide solutions for issues that your project hopes to address.
  3. Provide A Sustainable Budget – Grant applications require a budget to be considered. It outlines what the grant will fund and includes a plan to distribute the awarded funds. To wit, it is best to correlate the items in the budget with the strategies in your grant proposal.
  4. Provide Organizational Information – Include the names, backgrounds, and positions of each team member. Also, include the history of the organization along with its mission and previous projects. Looking for examples of a mission statement? View mission statements, as well as other vital information for funding sources using a database. GrantWatch’s 990 Finder and Foundation Search is the perfect solution.
  5. Check and Recheck Your Proposal –  Before submitting your application ensure that you have followed all directions. Do not let your grant proposal be thrown out because instructions were not followed. You will not be awarded a grant if you have not applied correctly.

The Takeaway

Whether you write a grant application yourself or you hire a professional grant writer, applying for operating grants can help individuals with startups, existing businesses, and nonprofits. Check them out. You won’t be sorry!

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