How to Find a Grant Writer

Your organization needs money. Knowing that there is plenty of money to be had from grant opportunities, you cast off into the Sea of Grants hoping to catch yourself a grant to suit your needs. But the sea is vast and intimidating. You have never written a grant in your life, and you don’t want to start now and risk spending time and resources only to come up short. You want to have as great a chance at winning the grant funds as possible. You need to hire a grant writer. That’s when you sail to friendlier waters and weigh anchor at GrantWriterTeam. With a success rate of 70%-92%, our experienced grant writers are just what you need to catch the grant of your dreams. But before you can catch the grant, you need to hook yourself a grant writer.

GrantWriterTeam uses a bidding system to connect its grant writers and grant seekers. Grant seekers submit a Writer Request and our grant writers are able to review them. If a grant writer finds a request appealing and believes that they would be a good fit to write the grant, they submit a bid detailing the rate for their service and providing a brief outline explaining how they would complete the request. GrantWriterTeam hosts scores of writer requests from grant seekers. Your goal is to make your request stand-out from the crowd and really attract the attention of the grant writers.

Putting Out the Bait

Before submitting your Writer Request and casting your line into the grant writer fish pond, you need to bait it. The best bait is detail. The grant writers at GrantWriterTeam are experienced professionals. They want to be as informed as possible about a grant seeker’s organization, programming, and plans for the grant winnings before submitting a bid. If your Writer Request is lacking in detail, grant writers may overlook your request.

Be sure to completely fill out every section of your Writer Request. Leave no stone unturned and nothing to the imagination. The Writer Request is the grant writer’s first impression of you and your organization, so sell yourself. You’re not just another organization for them to write for, you are the only organization that they want to write for. For more information about filling out your Writer Request form, see our article on How to Request a Grant Writer.

Success is in the details. It’s always better to have too much than not enough. Do not be afraid of over-explaining. Give the grant writers as clear and complete a picture of you and your goals as possible. By doing this, you cast the net wide and in no time the grant writers will be swarming to you.

GrantWatch Notes

View the full database with all the current and active grants available at For more information, you can also visit the GrantWatch FAQ page.