Ideas to Keep in Mind When Working On A Grant Application

Do you have excellent written communication skills? How about organizational skills and attention to detail? Are you equal parts data-driven and passionate about your cause? It’s settled then, a lucrative career in grant writing is waiting for you! Just think, the ability to join the causes that matter most to you, inspire good work done to support individuals and communities, and you get paid to write. It’s, quite literally, a dream job. So, how do you start? GrantWriterTeam has what you need. We have a few pointers for anyone considering a career in grant writing.

5 Ideas to Keep in Mind

  1. Accuracy: Funding sources specify their requirements. In fact, they outline what materials they want, how they want them, what information they need, and when. Follow all instructions to the letter. If you do not, your application may be rejected.
  2. More Accuracy: Examine the funder’s public goals. Do they align with your own organization’s common goals? Simply put, do both organizations want the same things; and hold the same values? If they don’t, your chances of receiving funding dwindle.
  3. Even More Accuracy: Make sure that spelling, punctuation, and all information regarding your proposal is 100% correct. Your proposal reflects your general attitude towards your work and a funder might view careless mistakes as your attitude toward your cause.
  4. Start Early: The earlier you begin the application process, the more time you have to fix errors and ensure the proposal is finished to your satisfaction. Leave enough time to perfect the application and increase your odds of success. Deadline stress does not produce top-quality work.
  5. Get a Second Eye: Or even better, get a third or a fourth pair of eyes. Outside perspectives provide valuable critiques on style, presentation, and will identify errors that a person close to the work may have missed.

We’re Not Finished Yet

  1. Avoid Technical Gobbledygook: Remember that the people (or Board of Directors) reviewing your application will be reading many proposals. You want them to find your statistics interesting, accurate, from reliable sources, and relevant to the topic.
  2. Keep it Clear, Concise, and Honest: Don’t waste time and space repeating and repeating the same old information — blah, blah, and more blah. Get to the point quickly and use your words wisely. Also, don’t present your organization as more accomplished than it is. Be honest, above all.
  3. Research the Foundation: Understanding the funding sources’ mission, preferences, and who they recently funded will help you speak their language.
  4. Network: Find someone who knows someone who knows someone who can mention your organization’s name to the Board. Of course, the fewer degrees of separation, the better. Invite the individual to see your program firsthand. But, be careful! Don’t do this with government-funded grants. They might consider this lobbying!
  5. Consider investing in yourself. Build your skills with books, courses, consultations with experienced grant writers, and utilize online resources.

To Conclude

Perhaps the best part of the advice we have to give you is to include passion in your grant writing.  Let your passion for your cause shine through in your work. This is what will make your application compelling enough to get you one step closer to funding. In addition, you might also choose to work from home.  As a grant writer this is a viable option that makes the job very attractive to those individuals for whom for working from home is a must.

About GrantWriterTeam 

Are you a nonprofit or small business in need of some help? If you are searching for grants but are feeling overwhelmed, hiring a grant writer may be the perfect choice for you! Grant writers thoughtfully grant opportunities and consider the pros and cons of applying and the chance of success. Consider your writer an extension of your organization. They will coach you throughout the entire process and curate the project to fit your needs. Your grant-seeking success is our priority at GrantWriterTeam.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that grants will be awarded as a result of this information.