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Joining the Grant Writer Team – What You Need to Know

The grant writing industry can be a struggle of seeking the right clients, the right grant opportunities and the right resources. Thankfully, GrantWriterTeam is your solution. With a wealth of resources for the professional grant writer, we bring the clients to you. Signing up is easy. We will discuss the steps you need to take to complete your writer profile and become one of our qualified grant writers.

User Account

Before you can create your grant writer profile you must first create your User Account. The User Account is the initial enrollment application to GrantWriterTeam. Whether you are a grant writer or a grant seeker, you must complete this. You will need to input your email and phone number, create a password and establish whether you want to become a Grant Writer or are someone seeking a grant writer – please be careful to choose the right one. Once you submit this form, you will be automatically taken to the Writer Profile page.

Writer Profile

The Grant Writer Profile is divided into five sections: My Contact Information, My Areas of Expertise, My Awarded Grants, My Resume and My References

1) My Contact Information

The My Contact Information allows you to add all of the identifying information that you couldn’t add on the User Account application. This includes your job title (i.e. grant researcher, writer, etc.), your full name, the company or organization you belong to if any, a contact phone number along with any extensions or alternative numbers, a valid mailing address and a link to a website if you have one.

2) My Areas of Expertise

The My Areas of Expertise (AoE) section is your opportunity to specialize your services. Explain where your skills lay and where you are most qualified. A few examples of AoE include curriculum writing, grant research, budgeting and software applications. Once you have listed your AoE, you must add the number of years you have experience with it, and add a brief description of that experience.

3) My Awarded Grants

This is possibly the most important factor in landing bids. Someone seeking a grant writer wants to know that you have successfully won grants before. They want assurance that you know what you’re doing. GrantWriterTeam requires a minimum of three previously awarded grants in order to be consider for our team of grant writers. You must also upload a one page writing sample from the proposal of the grant that you won.

4) My Resume

Here is where you will upload a PDF copy of your professional resume. The addition of a resume is required and should outline your experience to date with grant writing.

5) My References

The team at GrantWriterTeam believes in transparency and informed decisions. We believe it is important for grant seekers to be able to conduct their own research on grant writers before committing to signing a contract. To that end, GrantWriterTeam requires at least two professional references that may be contacted at the discretion of both GrantWriterTeam and grant seekers.


Once these five sections are completed, you are ready to submit your profile for review! Pressing the “Submit – My Profile is Complete” button will bring you to the Payment page. Here you will select whether you’d like to purchase a weekly membership or a monthly membership. In order to start bidding on writer requests and accepting grant writer jobs, you must pay for one of these options. Unpaid members will not have their bids sent to clients.

Connect to Stripe

After you have selected one of the payment options and payment has been processed, you must next connect your profile to a Stripe account. Stripe is an online payment portal that GrantWriterTeam uses to facilitate payments between clients and grant writers. If you do not create a Stripe account and link it to your profile, you cannot get paid for your work. For more information on Stripe, go here:

Sign the Contract

Finally, you must review and accept your Writer Contract. This contract details the terms of employment with GrantWriterTeam. In it, you will find our confidentiality agreement as well as a breakdown of the payment structure. Go to the “View Contract” tab of your profile and press the “I Accept This Contract” button.

Once you have signed the contract, you’re done. Your finished application will be submitted to GrantWriterTeam for review. Our site administrators are very responsive, so you can expect a response within a few business days. Pending approval, you’ll be ready to start submitting bids and writing grant proposals.