Let Us Help You Find A Match, Meet the GrantWriterTeam

GrantWriterTeam is ready to help. As the new liaison between our grant writers and grant seekers, I’ve been exploring the GrantWriterTeam website and have been very pleasantly surprised on a number of occasions with some of its great features.

One terrific feature is a page with new funding opportunities with their deadline, due dates, culled from GrantWatch. Both grant seekers and grant writers alike will benefit from these new grant listings.

In addition, there’s a page for grant writers with the current grant writer requests. At the moment, we have 31 grant requests open for bids, and it’s constantly changing as grant seekers choose a grant writer and new grant seekers put up their requests for a grant writer.

Most importantly, I am thrilled to work with the wonderful, experienced professional grant writers who are part of the team. Every grant writer on the team is a star. I was just telling a grant seeker today that if I were looking for a grant writer and had to choose between them, it would be extremely hard to decide. They’re all that good.

All our grants writers are highly experienced and very accomplished. Our grant writers will only bid on your grant request if they feel sure that they have the know-how and expertise to write for you.

Meet Some of Our Grant Writers:

I’d like to tell you a bit more about just a few of our fabulous GrantWriterTeam members whom I have the pleasure of working with. They’ve all got even more experience and areas of expertise than I have room to share with you today, but here’s a start:

Barbara30 has 25 years of experience as a nonprofit professional and grant writer. She can help you research numerous opportunities, and is experienced in disabilities, pets, youth, disadvantaged families, health and wellness, after-school programs, respite care, seniors, domestic violence, and other social services. She’s written and received grants from Community Foundations. Federal. State. Corporate Foundations, Family Foundations, and Corporate Sponsorships.

Alicia10 has seven years of experience writing and receiving federal and foundation grant awards including OVW, BJA, OVC, OJJP, and state grants through Nevada and Arizona, and national and local foundation awards.

Cynthia14 is our newest grant writer to join the team. Cynthia has 25 years of experience as a grant writer. Her areas of expertise include: Start to finish grant proposal writing, federal, state, local, foundation, and corporate. She’s also an expert in grant research, creating budgets and budget development, reports, budget narratives, and reporting. Cynthia has been awarded millions of dollars of grants from the Department of Labor, the Department of Education, and so much more. “I have secured 12 YouthBuild grants through DOL and one Green Jobs grant.”

Dr._Cindy1 has 20 years of grant writing experience. She is a skilled, results-driven technical and academic writer and strategist with a strong understanding of federal grants and fundraising strategies. Dr. Cindy has a solid track record of securing federal, private, and corporate funding by developing compelling arguments to communicate organizational needs. Among the grants she’s been awarded are a grant for the Houston Police Department for $1 million, and a Distance Learning and Telemedicine grant from the Department of Agriculture for $495,550.

Marilyn10 has a Ph.D. in sociology from Purdue University and was a professor of sociology for 25 years, and is an expert in issues relating to domestic violence, organizational theory, gender, and childhood. She has 20 years of experience working with nonprofits and educational institutions consulting in grant writing, research, curriculum writing, and program oversight and administration.

Marsha3 has 24 years of experience in grant writing, grant research, and creating business plans. She works as the Vice-President of Marketing for a large Florida nonprofit and in her spare time, she helps more nonprofits find the funding they need. She has developed Requests for Funding Proposals for leading nonprofit agencies, including Jewish Family Services, Special Needs Education, and Scholarships for Single Parents, securing multiple six-figure grant awards for her clients. Marsha has a BA in Journalism and has worked as a staff writer and publication editor as well.

For all our grant writers I’ve left out, please don’t take offense, I only have so much room, and I’ll write about you next time. It’s a pleasure working with you all!

Grant Awards and Testimonials Page, Our Success

Another page I recently discovered has some of the grant awards our GrantWriterTeam members have told us about, that they’ve been awarded for GrantWriterTeam clients, as well as testimonials from some of the GrantWriterTeam clients they’ve worked with. These can really help grant seekers choose a grant writer, if any of the grant writers who’ve put up their awards or have testimonials about their work on the page, you can rest assured that it’s all true.

To get started, just go to www.grantwriterteam.com and post a request for a grant writer. Our writers will bid on the job if they’re available and think it’s a good fit, then you get to choose who you’d like to work with. Sometimes it just takes one bid and you find that perfect match, so don’t wait to get started.

Or if you’re an experienced grant writer, you can apply to work with our team by filling out your profile. You just upload information about three to five of the grant proposals you’ve written that have been awarded, add a page from two to three of those grants as writing samples, put in your email, upload your resume, two to three references, and pay the weekly or monthly fee to get started. Once approved, you can start bidding on grant writing requests immediately. Your bids will be shared with the grant seeker as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, give me a call: 561-249-4129. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get started.

Best wishes,


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About the Author: The author is the GrantWriterTeam specialist/liaison.