More Than Just Grant Writing Services

At GrantWriterTeam, we always strive to go above and beyond in the services we provide. Your business is our pleasure, which is why it is not enough for us to write winning grant proposals for you. We want to help your business or nonprofit succeed. We understand that there is a lot that goes into ensuring a business’s success, and GrantWriterTeam is here with you every step of the way.

GrantWriterTeam offers so much more than just grant writing. We offer a number of value-added services that can benefit any nonprofit or business. The experts at GrantWriterTeam are familiar with businesses and nonprofits of all shapes and sizes and are eager to help your venture be all that it can be.

Here are a few of the other great services GrantWriterTeam offers:

Nonprofit Development

Becoming an organization that is self-sustaining is the goal for any nonprofit. However, finding a steady stream of funding opportunities can be a tricky feat, especially for nonprofits that are just getting started. Any nonprofit, from the very new to the tried and true, can benefit from an experienced and professional development consultation with one of GrantWriterTeam’s experts. Our team members can identify new avenues of revenue for your organization. Before you know it, a whole new world of funding opportunities will open up for you.

Market Research

You should always look before you leap. For a nonprofit or business, this means conducting research on the market you intend to enter into. Who is your target demographic? What strategies might work best to access them? Who are your competitors and what have they done to be successful or unsuccessful? You need to prepare yourself with this information if your organization is going to be successful. GrantWriterTeam members are experts at conducting in-depth market research. Whether it’s sifting through data or interpreting analytics, GrantWriterTeam has got you covered.

Budget Development

When releasing a Request for Proposal (RFP), many grant funders will require a budget to be included in the proposal. This budget should outline how the applicant intends to use the grant funds should they be awarded to them. Grant funders want to know that their money will go to a good cause. The larger the grant awarded offered, the more detailed and expansive the budget should be. Developing a comprehensive budget for your grant proposal can be a daunting task. Thankfully, GrantWriterTeam members are experienced with developing realistic and cost effective budgets tailored to your organizations specific needs.

Curriculum Development

An RFP may also require a breakdown of your intended programming. This is especially true for grants focused on education and development. What you’ll need to provide is a curriculum — a course of study with a structured syllabus for learning and education. A curriculum outlines the lessons and programming you intend to pursue should you be awarded a grant. GrantWriterTeam has this base covered, too. A curriculum developed by GrantWriterTeam guarantees to be clear and comprehensive.  


Of course grants aren’t the only way for an organization to raise money. There are any number of fundraising opportunities to pursue. Fresh and seasoned businesspeople alike can benefit from the experienced insight of one of GrantWriterTeam’s experts. Our professional writers can assist with developing successful fundraisers from start to finish. Our sister company, YouHelp, also focuses on helping nonprofits with fundraising by providing crowdfunding coaches.

Grant Research

Wading through the quagmire of grant opportunities can be exhausting. Hours can slip away searching for grants that meet your needs and that you meet the eligibility requirements for as well. Our grant writers come equipped with the know-how and resources needed to quickly sift through the muck and find the grants that are right for you.


At GrantWriterTeam, grant writing is just the beginning. Our suite of services is designed with your success in mind. We take your needs seriously because your business matters to us. From research to writing, GrantWriterTeam is there for you from beginning to end.