Passion Is a Writer’s Best Tool for a Winning Grant Proposal

One of the most important details to remember when writing a grant is to show passion. It goes without saying that skilled grant writing requires strong writing skills. However, what is more important to funding sources is that nonprofits really care about the work they are doing. The writers at GrantWriterTeam succeed because they have passion for their client’s ideas.

For new grant writers, it can be tempting to create a template from which to base every grant proposal. Although, grant review committees are looking for something more unique to your nonprofit. They often need to review hundreds of proposals and are looking for something different. This is where showing passion can help.

Grant funders want to know that you are invested in your own project. They want to feel just as excited about your nonprofit’s project as you are! Let the passion jump off the pages of the proposal!

Specifically, grant reviewers look for these three distinctions to set your proposal apart from others.

1. Highlight the ways that your project is different from others.

Do not be afraid to let your proposal stand out! Make it unique and attention-getting. Have your project ideas be original and novel. Grant funders want to see something new and untried. If your idea or project is based off established work, highlight the ways that it is different and innovative. You will benefit from stepping into uncharted waters!

2. Demonstrate that your nonprofit’s mission and program matches that of the funding source.

Make sure to research the foundation or group offering the grant. Look through their website and social media accounts and see what other organizations have said about them.

Do they participate in similar events or have similar values as your own nonprofit? If not, seeking funding from them could potentially risk your nonprofit’s reputation and lead to losing donors and supporters.

In addition, you might even call the foundation to see if they would welcome your application. Ask questions or add them to your e-mail list. It can be important in the future to make connections with the foundation staff.

3. Explain how the funding will benefit both your organization and the community.

Funding sources want to be able to see the tangible impact of the project you are requesting funding for, specifically whether or not the project will have a clear positive impact. It is not enough to say you do something, you need to prove it. Some grants will even ask for proof from past projects your nonprofit has completed.

Overall, sharing this passion with the grant reviewers will allow your nonprofit to shine through in their proposals and will make them stand-out from the rest. If you’re looking for the right writer for your idea or you’re a writer who has passion for a cause, GrantWriterTeam may be the best place for you to make a difference.