Should a Grant Writer Submit the Grant for Their Client?

Should a Grant Writer Submit the Grant for Their Client?

Grant writers can perform many tasks. From locating potential funding opportunities and writing grant proposals, to developing a curriculum. However, how far do the services of a grant writer extend? Specifically, can they or should they submit the grant on behalf of the client?

While a grant writer can submit a grant on your behalf, it is not recommended.

Government Grants

If you are applying for a government grant, you will need to use their allocated online portal called the Workspace. To create a workspace account, you will need to be an authorized organization representative (AOR). After creating your workspace account, you can complete your application by either using the online forms or uploading and submitting your application. The process is very straightforward and video tutorials are available as a visual aid.

Alternatively, you could also download the application forms and email them to collaborators (such as a grant writer). Then, once completed, you can upload them back to the workspace. After successfully submitting a workspace application, a tracking number is automatically assigned to the application. You can then follow its process on the portal.

Foundation Grants

Each foundation will have its own submission process. They may use a third-party platform, such as CyberDoor. Or, they may request for you to send it to an address via post.

If the application is done through an online platform (similar to workspace), you will need to create an account. If the grant writer were to complete this on your behalf, they would need your full information. Furthermore, they may possibly even need access to your email inbox — which will require them to know your username and password. We recommend against this.

On the other hand, does the grant application really need to be posted? Having the grant writer mail your proposal for you may be a convenient option. Nonetheless, you might prefer the certainty of doing it yourself.


As this is not a common practice, you should make it clear up front if you would like your grant writer to submit your grant application for you. Otherwise, the grant writer acts as a ghostwriter for you, and typically, it is up to you to upload and submit the finished product.

You can hire an experienced grant writer through If you would like the grant writer to submit it on your behalf, please make sure it is part of your deliverables. To view the latest successes of GrantWriterTeam, visit