What Is a Deliverable?

GrantWriterTeam.com contracts are made up of small deliverables which work for the client and the grant writer. A deliverable is a service that is agreed upon to be delivered to the client on a specific date, following payment There are four types of deliverables:

1) Initial Retainer

2) Research

3) Draft

4) Proposal

Each deliverable should clearly illustrate the tasks of the grant writer and what will be completed. The written material will be sent to the client after the deliverable is paid.

Trust Between Grant Writer and Client

When your contract is divided up into deliverables, it builds the trust between the grant writer and the client. Team work makes the dream work!

The client will negotiate with the grant writer as to the amount of time to be spent on each deliverable, and also the payment that will be due once the deliverable is completed.

GrantWriterTeam has adopted this process because it creates a way for the client to review partial or draft work and provide necessary feedback for the grant writer to complete the grant application.


Benefits of Deliverables

This system of deliverables used at GrantWriterTeam.com ensures that the grant writer is compensated for the work they do and the client has pieces in hand throughout the process.  It is nail biting when the client is waiting until the due date to read their application.

With the system of deliverables, the client (grant seeker) is an active participant in proposal development and their passion and ideas will be heard and incorporated into the proposal. Nonprofit, or small business owners like our system because they do not have to pay large amounts of money at once.

For Additional Reading

Check out Foundations of Grant Writing: A Systemic Approach Based on Experience by Hill M. Walker and Sari M. Pascoe. Dr. Pascoe has been a national and international grant writer for the past twenty years and offers her acquired wisdom in this book. This book will provide you with strategies that may give you an advantage over your peers.


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