How to Work From Home as a Grant Writer

Working from home has seen a steady increase over the past several years.  According to US News, the number of individuals working from home has tripled since 2020. However, many grant writers were already accustomed to working from home long before that. After all, it’s convenient, provides a better work/life balance, gives a tangible sense of independence, and increases productivity and performance. All you need is an internet connection, a computer, a comfortable workstation, and of course some grant-writing skills! Once these essentials are in place, you can easily access all the tools and methods necessary to effectively work from home as a grant writer.

If you want to become a remote grant writer an excellent command of writing is essential. A degree in a writing-related discipline is a plus, but not required, if you have the necessary writing skills. Furthermore, if you have written grants that are successfully funded, then you are on your way to an online grant-writing career. Most people who will hire a grant writer will want to see evidence of successfully funded grants. If you do not have those credentials, you may want to consider a grant writing course. In addition, you might also consider an internship or volunteer opportunity to build your credibility.

Tools For Grant Writers

  1. Word processing software: Many people use Microsoft Word, but Google Sheets or Open Office are free alternatives that can be used for your grant writing career.
  2. Grammar checker:  Chances are if you are a grant writer, you already have excellent editing skills, but even masters in their craft can use a second eye. Grammar-checking software is a good way to enhance your editing. Grammarly is a popular tool with both free and paid versions.
  3. Grant Search Database: You can use a grant search database such as GrantWatch to find grants. Grants can be found for free online, but it takes a lot of time to research those opportunities. That’s why many people choose a grant search database to streamline their search.
  4. Grant Writing Courses: If you are a skilled writer, but are new to grant writing there are online resources both paid and free that teach the skills specific to grant writing.

Ways to Get Clients Online as a Grant Writer

  1. Job boards: You can look for postings on generic job boards for grant writing. It’s important to note that you need to vet your clients if you use a generic job board. Always ensure you are associating with a legitimate organization or individual.
  2. Be active and keep your social media profiles up to date. Consider following other writers on the social media of your choice. Like a post and start a conversation.
  3. You can post an ad and seek clients on specialized grant writing freelance job boards like GrantWriterTeam. Don’t forget to create a dynamic bio that showcases your talents.
  4. Join online networking groups. These groups are comprised of business peers and mingling allows you to make connections and gain allies. It also allows for the pooling of knowledge and solutions. There is nothing like being part of a community with a common goal.
  5. Create an email list and send out promotions and newsletters to potential clients. While many of these may go unopened, it casts a large net that is sure to catch a valuable client or two.
  6. Intern/Volunteer: If you are new to grant writing you may want to offer to intern or volunteer for a nonprofit whose cause you support. This is a good way to gain experience and earn references. Your credibility will thank you for your effort.

As you can see, grant writing is a career that is well suited to be performed from home. It offers flexibility, convenience, and control for grant writers everywhere.

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