Writing a Winning Grant Proposal: Five Tips for Success

Writing a Winning Grant Proposal: Five Tips for Success

Like any specialized area, developing a winning grant proposal for a nonprofit organization comes with its own set of rules, verbiage, and expectations. GrantWriterTeam wants to see you succeed! Here are five tips to consider before diving into your grant proposal.

1. Look at Eligibility Requirements

Grant funding sources typically only give out grant money with specific interests in mind. All grants come with eligibility requirements. Be sure to read these requirements thoroughly before committing to writing a grant proposal. Don’t apply for anything that you’re not eligible for entirely.

2. Follow Directions

Not all grants are the same. Funding sources will have their own set of directions for how to properly apply for their grant. Some require a Letter of Intent/ Inquiry (LOI), whereas others might ask that the applicant provide a curriculum plan in your proposal. Follow all formatting directions and pay careful attention to requirements and any application guidance.

3. Show Passion

Passion and enthusiasm may be the most important ingredient in a successful grant proposal. Your passion for your cause needs to jump off the page! Be excited! Show them how much you care about your organization or cause. Your proposal needs to be so alive that the reader can feel what you feel and want to help you. If your proposal can connect with someone on an emotional level, it will carry far more weight and stand out that much more!

4. Map out the Details

This is where detail and depth is needed. On a spreadsheet, be able to map everything out. What are your organization’s needs, goals, and objectives? What activities will you pursue, and how are you going to evaluate them? What’s your budget? Who are the people who are going to run the program? Be as detailed and comprehensive as possible. Leave the reader of your proposal without any further questions. Then you have a program.

5. Create Folders

Be organized. Have all of the information you need where you need it. Have all the needs and information regarding your target communities at your fingertips. You must show that your goals are going to remediate the needs of the community and your target demographic.

Consider everything you can do to prepare for success before sitting down to write your proposal. We want you to succeed, and we know you can with hard work and dedication. And by following these steps, you’ll be that much closer to writing a winning grant proposal!