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Primary Purpose:
Seeking NIH funding to test, prove and write journal for theory of asymmetric problems, such as scoliosis. Theory is already discovered. But right now I only have a Result [Theory], no Method. I need grants to make the scientific method of this theory. I need professional grant writing help. Grant Writer should have experience with writing scientific grants, Better if experienced with NIH. Right now I'm thinking about NIH grant for this, however if you know a better solution or align address for this issue, please explain and offer. I'm foreigner here, and I'm not quite sure about foreign research grant eligibility section in NIH. Let me know about how long it will take and how much it will cost.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
Funding needed to test and prove this theory of muscles, inside of the body. This theory can fix Scoliosis and many other similar body’s asymmetric problems & symptoms (such as asymmetric face or forward head syndrome or bad posture). The human body has to be perfectly symmetric in the first place, but it’s slowly ruin with muscles displacement. (= muscle movement). Once displaced from where it was, it never goes back until now. Muscle’s displacement can be reset with this theory, but it can also delete memory. Human’s memories are recorded in their “body”, not a “brain” and that’s why childhood memories are more impressive than adult season. There is only one theory, that can be described with one simple line of few words, and this can easily be checked that it exists.
This is always existed, just nobody notice that is exist. Just like Newton’s Gravity. But this theory is about biology, not physics.

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