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Grant Writer Request #01312021B

Primary Purpose:
Writing the grant to support our artificial intelligence platform development and integration.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
3 million dollars total
Project Description:
Provide your hourly rate for research and locating grants for: 10 hours per week for 3 weeks.   For a total of 30 hours.
The Grant Writer should be ready to begin work on: Immediately
Provide a flat rate for writing and developing each of the following application(s):

Grants to USA IHEs and Educational Nonprofits for Collaborative Research on Critical Health Issues    (View details of this grant here.)

Due: February 16, 2021

Organizational Status:
Our organization is a(n): For Profit, Small Business, Individual
Our company is in existence for: 0 Year(s) 2 Months
We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland
Artificial intelligence in medicine is an inspired spirit of innovation. It provides fertile ground for the development of these new startups. The examples show that artificial intelligence applications have become the backbone of solutions to healthcare challenges in the entire patient journey, from diagnosis to treatment and continuous health maintenance. Automated Patient Decision Aids, Virtual Health Assistants, and AI for Clinical Automation.
Grant History:
This will be our first time applying for grant funding.
We have not previously received grant funds.
We do not have a copy of our previously written grant application(s).
We do not have a fundraising packet.
We do not have an agency mission statement.