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Grant Writer Request #03262021B

Primary Purpose:
We are building a campground in Maine. The campground will also provide handicapped individuals access to all aspects of the amenities. COVID-19 has driven prices of building materials up by as much as 75%. Now, it will be difficult to complete our project without additional funding.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
We are looking for $20,000 - $80,000 to finish our fully assessible handicap zipline. It will be constructed of two 48 ft. towers, accessible for the handicapped. Special harnesses have been designed to accommodate all disabilities. Three specially made tipis permit wheelchair accessibility. They are large enough for wheelchairs to navigate.
Project Description:
Provide your hourly rate for research and locating grants for: 2 hours per week for 4 weeks.   For a total of 8 hours.
The Grant Writer should be ready to begin work on: April 30, 2021
Organizational Status:
Our organization is a(n): For Profit, Small Business
Our company is in existence for: 1 Year(s)
We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: Maine
We provide an outdoor environment and want to enable handicapped patrons enjoyment of the wilderness.
Current Revenue:
We have a few sites that are being utilized. However, they are strictly wilderness and not handicap friendly
Grant History:
We have previously applied for a grant(s).
I have applied for small grants and have never heard back or received any feedback.
We have not previously received grant funds.
We do not have a copy of our previously written grant application(s).  They were all online and submitted electronically
We do not have a fundraising packet.
We do not have an agency mission statement.