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Grant Writer Request #05312021C

Primary Purpose:
Our primary purpose in seeking a grant writer is to find someone who would help me write a suitable grant proposal to fund my organization's vision and mission.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
Nigeria has a population of more than 210,000,000 people. Due to poor government funding and constant strikes of existing public schools, students stay at home for at least one-third of the school year. Often teacher's salaries are not paid until after six months or more, resulting in low teacher morale, especially in Imo State, Nigeria. We established our school to help out from the failure of the government. We are helping to provide gainful employment to the citizens of the state. We are providing the students holistic education that is geared towards their spiritual, academic, mental, and physical growth. We are the technological age, we are providing computer training for our students. We need constant electricity for the students, which the government of Nigeria is not providing. We need a standard generator in order to do this. Your assistance will enable us to accomplish this. Classroom buildings and dormitory buildings need to be completed. We also need to complete the cafeteria building we started many years ago. Our school has a population of over 800 students ranging from Pre-K to 12th grade. The school was started on October 10, 1999. The ministry was established as a non-profit in 1994 in the United States of America.
The other focus of the ministry is to establish a printing press to translate the Bible into various Nigerian languages. Nigeria has over 500 languages. They have the Bible in less than twenty languages. It is our desire to print books and Bibles in some of these languages.
We established our nonprofit organization on August 31, 2003. We want to continue to grow the church by providing necessary things that will enhance the growth of the church. We have a church building, but it is not completed. We need to paint the building and provide church pews or chairs.
The provision of $500,000 will go a long way to meeting some of these needs.
Project Description:
Provide your hourly rate for research and locating grants for: 2 hours per week for 4 weeks.   For a total of 8 hours.
The Grant Writer should be ready to begin work on: Immediately
Organizational Status:
Our organization is a(n): 501c3
Our company is in existence for: 27 Year(s)
We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: We are providing these services in Imo State, Nigeria.
We provide school and church services.
Current Revenue:
We have individuals and two churches that are supporting our ministry.
Grant History:
We have previously applied for a grant(s).
We have not previously received grant funds.
We have a copy of our previously written grant application(s).
We have a fundraising packet.
We have an agency mission statement.