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Grant Writer Request #12082019C

Primary Purpose:
I have never applied for a grant before and want to ensure that it is submitted correctly with time constraints. I am seeking to apply for an artist grant and the LOI is due on 12/18/19.
Programming and Dollar Needs:
The funds generated here will be used to purchase 3-5+ acres of land, either as a down payment ($25000) or the outright purchase of the property ($100000+). Once purchased I will immediately begin to plant the trees for three of the venue sites. These trees will take 5-6 years to mature for venue use (They are fast growing trees specifically selected for each purpose). During this time I will also begin to organize plant sale production gardens and visual plantings. I already have a majority of the plants in my possession and what is left to purchase is relatively inexpensive. I would also like to build a steel structure, about $60,000, for conducting business and house the initial indoor venue site with chef's kitchen.
The venues would include a 20 foot wide "willow dome", an "evergreen dome" (15 feet wide), a large wooded and covered walk-in fire pit, a tree shaded outdoor picnic and grilling area, and a convertible LifeRoom(TM) dining area.
The gardens would include viewing and production gardens of Iris and Daylilies, some of my own breeding. I also plan to have a "Flowers by the Pound" cut flower garden where anyone can come and cut their own flowers. This area will also have a hoop house than can be pulled over during bad weather. I will also have an orchard where crabapples and quince will be grown (both very underutilized fruits in my opinion) and delicious products for consumption will be created.
The total estimated financial cost...
$120,000 + $60,000 + $20,000 planting, landscaping and equipment costs. $15,000-$20,000 I will be able fund myself using savings and home equity loan. I have already been pre-approved for a second home loan of $80,000. I eventually plan to sell my current home and use that money or the site development
Other local, established venue sites run from $4000-5000 per day. I plan to start at $2000 for use of the indoor venue site and kitchen and increased over time as other venue sites come available for use.
I plan for it to be a multifaceted endeavor so that if any one component fails on any level or if just isn't working well it won't all collapse in failure.
Project Description:
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Due: December 18, 2019

Organizational Status:
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We presently provide or will be providing services in the geographic areas of: Indianapolis
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Grant History:
This will be our first time applying for grant funding.
We have not previously received grant funds.
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