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Testimonials for and

As a new subscriber, Grantwatch has become the answer to my quest for clear and accessible information about grants that might fit my prison book discussion group program in Colorado. As a new non-profit, it's been a daunting task to process the mass of complex info out there- I no longer have to waste time Googling myself into a state of confusion, as Grantwatch provides one stop shopping, great support if needed and shares a fresh and timely wealth of exciting funding opportunities. Ever since I started the Words Beyond Bars Project, I have whispered that old adage to myself: "Do what you love and the money will follow..." Well, now I can give that concept a little momentum, thanks to Grantwatch. Karen Beyond Bars

Finding has been a G-d send! And becoming a member of the Grant Writing Team has been one of the best career moves I have ever made. It is difficult to find a nine to 5 job that is accommodating to my very quirky creative writing schedule. Working from home works for me! I am helping people, doing what I love and getting paid for my efforts. Holly1 Grant Writer

Hello Libby,
I found your website to be extremely useful and valuable. Grantwatch allowed me to save time and resources. I did not have to search several sites to obtain information, it was all located in grantwatch. Thanks for creating this innovative tool!! Dinetta from

Dear Libby,
What a wonderful resource your bulletins are for those of us in the non-profit world! I'd like to invite you to go to our web site: to see what we are doing to take care of those with a serious and persistent mental illness that reside in Moore County, NC and the surrounding areas. We do this with only the residents' Social Security entitlements and County Special Assistance. We take no federal or state dollars to operate and rely solely on fundraising activities. I am quite proud of all that we do and have accomplished as a "one of a kind" in our State. I am also probably the only unpaid Executive Director in the State which tells you how important I feel our Mission is.
Thank you for providing this information to us as we attempt to gather some grant dollars to grow our program.

Only together can we make a difference!

Marianne Kernan
Chairman, Linden Lodge Foundation