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Grant Writer Team Privacy Policy

GrantWriterTeam respects your privacy.

Our goal is to ensure that you understand how and why information is collected and used,
and the options you have concerning that information.

GrantWriterTeam's goal is:

  • To state why we are collecting personal information and how it will be used.
  • To keep this policy, as well as our privacy practices and systems, up to date.
  • To allow you to inspect and edit your complete personal information by contacting us and by logging in to your profile.


We have security measures to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

  1. GrantWriterTeam does not store credit card information. We never request date of birth or social security numbers.
  2. GrantWriterTeam has an extensive custom firewall rule and large mod_security rulesets to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.
  3. GrantWriterTeam safeguards your information with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL encryption protects any personal information you send over the Internet by making it impossible for that information to be deciphered by any systems other than the ones we use at GrantWriterTeam.
  4. GrantWriterTeam has developed a registration/login process so that your personal profile is password protected. You are the only one who has access to your password and personal information. You should always log out (not X out) when you are done with your session to ensure that others cannot access your account.
  5. GrantWriterTeam keeps other security methods and precautions confidential.
  6. GrantWriterTeam uses PayPal, an Internet merchant services provider, for both credit cards and PayPal payments to protect your financial transactions with GrantWriterTeam.

Information Collected by GrantWriterTeam

You are not required to submit any personal information to use non-Member portions of the GrantWriterTeam website.

In order to search the GrantWriterTeam databases or receive the GrantWriterTeam e-newsletter, we require you to register by providing your email address, country, and state and phone number.

Payment and registration is required when you submit a Request for a Grant Writer and/or respond to a Request for a Grant Writer, as a Grant Write Team Member and for participation or access to Webinars and other basic services. Common items include, but are not limited to, your name, address, email address, telephone number, credit card number, or other payment information.

GrantWriterTeam and its subsidiaries, affiliates, or necessary payment processors may use any information collected at the website (including personally identifiable information) to operate the site, to complete the transactions conducted at the site, to create and maintain records in connection with those transactions, for marketing and promotional purposes in connection with GrantWriterTeam services offered via the website, or for services offered by our partners (i.e., GrantWatch)

Emails, E-Newsletters and Promotional Materials

GrantWriterTeam sends all new registrants and Members a welcoming email to verify your password and username, and all Members regularly receive a GrantWatch e-newsletter and Grant Writers regularly receive e-newsletter Requests for Grant Writers. Additionally, from time to time we may notify you of special promotions, new products or services, or other information that may interest you.

Terms and Conditions

By registering, you choose to receive promotional material from GrantWriterTeam. These materials may be sent via email or to the mailing addresses you provide on the registration or billing information screens.

Out of respect for your privacy we give you the option to not receive these types of communications. If you no longer wish to receive our e-newsletter or promotional material you may opt-out of receiving it by unsubscribing at the bottom of the emails or by emailing us at or by calling us at 347 210-5815.

Editing Your Personal Information

When you log in you will have access to a 'Member Profile' page where you can edit your personal information. Furthermore, you can always contact us in order to (i) deactivate your account, (ii) update the personal information that you have provided to us, and (iii) change your preferences with respect to marketing contacts, by emailing us at at or by calling us at 347 210-5815.


We collect information about you, and your use of the GrantWriterTeam website, through the use of a computer file known as a "cookie." Cookies are small computer files that we transfer to your computer's hard drive. They allow us to know how often someone visits our site and the activities their conduct while on our site. This information helps us to dynamically generate advertising and web page content specifically designed for you. It also allows us to statistically monitor how many people are using our site and for what purpose. Sponsors and advertisers may also use cookies when you select their advertisement. Permitting the use of cookies does not compromise the security of your computer. Although receiving a cookie from our site allows you to use the personalization and login features of our site, cookies are not required and may be disabled by you to allow you to use parts of our site anonymously. Furthermore, we DO NOT use cookies to examine your surfing behavior before or after leaving GrantWriterTeam.

GrantWriterTeam may use an outside advertising company to serve and display advertisements on our site. These advertisements may contain cookies that provide information to the advertising company. Cookies received with banner advertisements are collected by the advertising company and we do not have access to this information. You should read the privacy policies of such advertisers before supplying personal information to those sites.

Surveys & Contests

From time to time we may request information as a part of a survey or contest. Participation in surveys and contests is completely voluntary. Information requested may include contact information and demographic information such as organizational focus and size. Contact information, including name, address, email address, and telephone number, will be used to notify winners and award prizes, and may be used to notify you of special promotions, new products or services, or other information that may interest you. If you no longer wish to receive our e-newsletter or promotional material you may opt-out of receiving it by emailing us at or by contacting us at 347 210-5815. Aggregated demographic information will be used for purposes of monitoring or improving this site and may be shared with our consultants, partners, or potential advertisers.

External Links

For your benefit, GrantWriterTeam may contain links to many other sites. GrantWriterTeam is not responsible for the privacy practices of those other sites and we recommend that you carefully read the privacy policies of such sites prior to providing your personal information to them.

Partner Relationships

GrantWriterTeam currently shares data with and no other partner. This Privacy Policy governs their use of your information. In the future, if we partner with another company, we will require this Privacy Policy to govern their use of your information.

GrantWriterTeam may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting revisions to our website. Your use of the website constitutes acceptance of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, and your continued usage after such changes are posted constitutes acceptance of each revised Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, or any revised policy, please do not use the website.

GrantWriterTeam's policy for data from children

The GrantWriterTeam site is not intended for use by children under the age of 13. If a parent believes that his or her child has submitted personal information to GrantWriterTeam, they should contact us by emailing us at or calling us at 347 210-5815. GrantWriterTeam will promptly delete personal information upon learning that it relates to a child.

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