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  • Walmart Community Grant Program

    Congratulations to Barbara30

    Wal Mart Foundation

    Amount Awarded: $400 Project#: 08142019A Roundtree leadership will serve youth between the ages of 13-19 in different aspects of a business. These are: to show how to manage a business, ethics in business, economics and those things that will help to prepare them for college, trade school...

    Walmart Community Grant Program is a highly competitive program, receiving more than 150,000 applications each year, but Walmart and the Walmart Foundation are committed to providing opportunities for organizations to improve the communities we serv...

  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security

    Congratulations to Marilyn10

    Fiscal Year 2020 Secured School Safety Grant Program

    Amount Awarded: $49,980 Project#: 02262019C The purpose of the Covenant School Safety Program is to address the safety issues identified in annual threat assessments and make the school safer for its children. The Threat Assessment completed in 2018 identified numerous areas of threat and th...

    Every school that applied for FY20 funds has received notification that their top priority requests were fully funded for all eligible items.

  • Nevada Department of Education

    Congratulations to Kimberly5


    Amount Awarded: $110,000 Project#: 01292019E The primary goal of the competitive funds is to increase the numbers of students who have access to complete CTE programs of study and the ability to earn the state’s CTE Certificate of Skill Attainment through the development, expansion or improv...

    This was a statewide competitive grant awarded to local education agencies (LEAs, also referred to as School Districts) in Nevada. A total of $3,763,146.60 was available statewide.

  • Delaware Department of Education

    Congratulations to Kimberly5

    21st Century Community Learning Center Sub-Grantee Application

    Amount Awarded: $1,000,000 Project#: 11272013A This program offers academic remediation, STEM enrichment activities, the use of Bayard’s Library Media Center, Math and ELA tutoring, homework help, study skills, test taking techniques, and college and career readiness workshops in small groups.

    This grant application was the second highest ranked in Delaware's 2014 competition.

  • NYC Administration for Children's Services

    Congratulations to Kimberly5

    Early Learn NYC: Early Care and Education Services

    Amount Awarded: $1,107,039 Project#: 12182014C The primary goal of EarlyLearn NYC is to offer high quality early childhood care and education in all settings. The New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) is committed to advancing a contracted early care and education system i...

  • Dayton Rotary Foundation

    Congratulations to Veronica_bonny1

    Dayton Rotary Club Foundation

    Amount Awarded: $3,000 Project#: 07242017A Back to Basics is a nonprofit organization in Dayton, Ohio that provides a safe space for at-risk inner city high school youth from three Dayton public high schools to learn computer coding and other computer technology skills, in conjunction with a...

  • San Antonio Arts Foundation

    Congratulations to John22

    Bringing Arts to San Antonio

    Amount Awarded: $250 Project#: 08242017C This request is being made to support a wonderful program in the hopes to bring to San Antonio as part of our 300-year celebration.

    The amount was the first stage of a process towards the full amount of the requested funding.

  • TJ and Laverne Plunkett Foundation

    Congratulations to John22

    The Feeding and Clothing the Needy Initiative of the Longview Dream Center

    Amount Awarded: $2,500 Project#: 08082017B Each week The Longview Dream Center distributes food to families who live at or below the poverty level. They have a large population of disabled, and/or senior citizens on a fixed income who come to the Longview Dream Center on a weekly basis. Wi...

    The award of $2,500 was given to the Longview Dream Center.

  • TD Bank

    Congratulations to Marsha3

    Community Partnership

    Amount Awarded: $1,500 Project#: 07212017A The generosity of TD Bank will support innovative workforce development programs, helping women, small business entrepreneurs and upcoming professionals. Parnassah Network was founded by New Jersey businessman Duvi Honig in 2000 during the peak o...

  • David B. Jones Paleontology Foundation

    Congratulations to Tasena_Lynn2

    David B Jones Palentology Foundation

    Amount Awarded: $86,000 Project#: 06152017C Community and education programs in the field of paleontology and geology. Enrichment programs for children through adults in schools as well as the Wyoming Dinosaur Museum.

  • Wells Fargo Foundation

    Congratulations to Angelina2

    Wells Fargo Grant

    Amount Awarded: $2,500 Project#: 07182017A The funds will support the ski program for Alaska Native youth, by assisting in purchasing supplies.

  • Kroger Foundation

    Congratulations to Marsha3

    Kroger Foundation

    Amount Awarded: $1,000 Project#: 12152016E 4 Years And A Day helps Breast Cancer patients and their families -- through the belief that through knowledge there is healing, which empowers the body and spirit. Their program - Nourishing Souls - assures that patients and their families are offe...

    The Kroger Foundation will help hundreds of Breast Cancer patients and their families sustain themselves through nutritional balance.

  • Wells Fargo Foundation

    Congratulations to Paul12

    Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona

    Amount Awarded: $1,000 Project#: 06032015D Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona provides support services to parents of children with Down syndrome. Monies received will directly support families services.

    $1000 to support outreach services

  • Wal Mart Foundation

    Congratulations to Paul12

    Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona

    Amount Awarded: $1,000 Project#: 06032015D Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona provides a world with equal rights and opportunities for all people who have Down syndrome. Funds will be used to provide outreach services to families with children with Down syndrome.

    $1000 awarded to Sharing Down Syndrome Arizona!

  • New York City Department of Education

    Congratulations to Kimberly5


    Amount Awarded: $1,078,059 Project#: 05052014B Yeshiva Karlin Stolin’s UPK program will focus on increasing school readiness for all children, placing these students on a sustained path towards college and career readiness. All services will fully conform to the City of New York’s: 1) Instr...

  • New York City Deparrment of Education

    Congratulations to Kimberly5

    New York City Pre-K for All Program

    Amount Awarded: $320,000 Project#: 12092014A Sweet Home Day care Center, Inc.'s vision is to operate an exemplary, nurturing and empowering UPK program that completely supports the PKFCC and the DOE's College and Career Readiness Agenda. In preparing all children for success in elementary sch...

  • Huntington Arts Council

    Congratulations to Nicole2

    Women of a New Tribe Photography Project

    Amount Awarded: $3,382 Project#: 10202014A This funding helps to cover a portion of the Women of a New Tribe project, a photography exhibit featuring portraits of African American women which highlight their myriad achievements. Its purpose is to celebrate the beauty of African American wome...

    This grant is one of several awards made through the Huntington Arts Council, this year.

  • First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation

    Congratulations to Nicole2

    Empowering USA River, Tanzania

    Amount Awarded: $23,120 Project#: 02142014B This grant will fund about half of the cost of the installation on a school in Usa River, Tanzania.


  • Pollination Project

    Congratulations to Nicole2

    Full Circle Mother Mentoring Program

    Amount Awarded: $1,000 Project#: 09262014D This project will educate young mothers abut maintaining their health and the health of the baby. Childbirth education, nutrition, and breastfeeding will all be covered. This funding covers needed tools for the launch of the program.

    Pollination awards grants monthly. EDGE was awarded a grant in the month of March.

  • Charitable Foundation for the Energy Bar Association

    Congratulations to Nicole2

    Empowering Carcasse, Haiti

    Amount Awarded: $10,000 Project#: 02142014B This grant funded a large remainder of the budget needed to perform the installation in Carcasse, Haiti. This rural community will know have an electrified school and health clinic.

    GSI was one of very few awarded grants available.

  • Coloumbe Foundation

    Congratulations to Nicole2

    Empowering Carcasse, Haiti

    Amount Awarded: $10,000 Project#: 02142014B This award funded half of a solar electrical system installation in a rural community in Haiti. This installation will make schooling more effective and medical care more accessible.

    GSI was one of several awards this year.

Nonprofits GrantWriterTeam

  • I am the CEO and founder of Operation Razorback Outfitters LLC. Let me start off by saying that I've never felt more confident and comfortable with my grant writer from having just one conversation, but it was an enjoyable experience to say the least. She had no problems explaining all the steps and overall process that would need to take place once the initial contract was signed, and ever since then she has done nothing but exceed my expectations. She's incredibly knowledgeable on the way businesses work, very experienced in consulting, polite, extremely professional, encouraging, and my favorite quality about the grant writer is her honesty. She tells it like it is, no sugar coating needed. I would honestly be lost without her. Taking on a business of my own is a completely new venture for me, and while nervous in the beginning, she has defiantly made me more comfortable and confident with what I'm trying to accomplish. She has been more than just a grant writer and consultant for my business, she has been a true mentor and an even better friend. I will without a doubt refer Grant Writer Team to anybody. I can't thank her enough for what's she's done for me and this company and will always remain a loyal and appreciative client.

    - Lenny Frazier (CEO and founder Razorback Outfitters LLC)
  • Marsha is amazing! Her tenacious spirit and ownership throughout this project made the entire experience worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and highly recommend her for future opportunities.

  • Nikki not only wrote the grant for EDGE, she wrote a business plan as well. Nikki built EDGE a website, placed our business on Facebook, and wrote a grant that helped us fund our launch. We received $1,000.00 from Pollination Projection to be used toward the beginning of our mentoring programs.

    - Joanna D. Franklin (Executive director EDGE Community Services)
  • We are so very thankful for all of your efforts on our behalf and place tremendous value on our ongoing relationship with you. Thank you for your knowledge and expertise and I look forward to continuing to work with you in support of Global Solace.

    - Lee Bristol (Executive Director at Global Solace Inc.)
  • Hey There, GrantWriterTeam! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Damon2. He delivered as promised and was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me, my needs and concerns. We were able to get things completed, and now I'm waiting to see what the results will bring our summer camp. I will keep you posted. Thank you again for connecting us.

    - Shavonda G. McCaleb (The PIC Foundation, Inc.)
  • Hi GrantWriterTeam, Thank you for reaching out. My relationship was excellent with Marsha3 we worked well together. Marsha3 has been wonderful in her customer service and her dealing with me. I have nothing but good things to say about her as an Individual. She's a sweetheart. Thanks

    - Elicia Crouch (Single Parents & Teens Foundation)
  • We researched a professional grant writer for our non-profit youth sports organization, where we decided upon Lynn7 due to her documented work experience, previous reviews and testimonials. We can say without a doubt that working with Lynn7 has been the best experience ever. Lynn7 is very friendly, dedicated, hard-working, articulate and extremely responsive. Lynn7 goes above and beyond in ensuring she provides her clients with the best service and experience ever. Her work and work ethic is phenomenal! She left us with not only a professionally written grant request letter; but also, invaluable tools and additional information that we can access and use at our discretion. Lynn7 has an added touch of faith, compassion and concern. We truly felt like we had become family! We would recommend using Lynn7 to any future client. It was our best decision ever!

    - GrantWriter: Lynn7 (Eusebio and Lenore Lopez, CEO and CFO LOW 7 SPORTS)