• I am seeking a grant writer to submit a grant application to support a music-based awards show and festival in 2024. Our organization is dedicated to promoting and celebrating traditional American music genres, and the awards align perfectly with our mission. Our organization will be hosting an annual event in 2024. Our nonprofit has been honoring artists and musicians who excel in the fields of roots music, including honky tonk, western swing, rockabilly, and outlaw country music. The event serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate the contributions of these artists and to increase awareness and appreciation for these genres within the music industry and among the general public. The grant funds we are seeking will be utilized to support the planning, organization, and execution of the music awards show and weekend. The funds will be allocated towards the following aspects of the project: 1. Venue and Production Costs: - Rental fees for a suitable venue to accommodate the awards ceremony, including seating, stage, and audio-visual requirements. - Production costs, including sound and lighting equipment, stage setup, and technical support. 2. Artist Recognition and Awards: - Design and production of awards to be presented to the winners in various categories. - Travel and accommodation expenses for artists and their guests attending the event.

    We would like to know your fee to write a grant. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Our ad will expire on 09/19/23

  • Title: Seeking GrantWriter For Our Nonprofit's Awards Show.

    URL: https://forms.office.com/g/aRE3DXn1Cw

    Due Date: 09/12/23

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