GrantWriterTeam’s New Approach: An Interactive Platform

GrantWriterTeam has launched an interactive platform that encourages direct connections and customizable interactions between grant writers and grant seekers. This new model eliminates traditional constraints and allows users to take control of their own engagements. Rather than assuming liability, GrantWriterTeam’s role is to make available the platform for connections. Parties involved also retain the responsibility of researching and verifying credentials.

The new model emphasizes independent collaboration, empowering grant writers and grant seekers to form their own agreements. The success and satisfaction of their partnerships rely on their individual efforts and due diligence.

GrantWriterTeam offers affordable pricing options for grant seekers to take out classified ads, as well as for grant writers to pay to post their profiles. These low prices make the platform accessible to a wide range of users. 

Grant seekers can choose from various pricing options: $25 for one week, $50 for two weeks, $70 for three weeks, and the best value of $85 for a four-week classified ad posting. Grant writers can also choose from $30 per week to publish their grant writer profile, with a better value of $100 per month. The new model is based on the volume of need for GrantWriterTeam in the grant-seeking community. 

Grant Writers

Grant writers now have the opportunity to create their comprehensive profiles, showcasing a professional image, a brief description, previous experience, expertise, grants awarded, writing samples, resumes, and references. With full control over shared information, they can ensure privacy with our public and private toggles. Writers will also have the option to redact information in their one-page writing samples and foster personalized communication.

GrantWriterTeam also refrains from charging finder’s fees or commissions and maintains a hands-off approach during negotiations. GrantWriterTeam has shifted away from being the middleman with contracts created on the portal to a new model that empowers grant writers and grant-seekers to work together on their own terms.

The CEO of GrantWriterTeam still endorses the “pay as work is completed” model, which includes deliverables and a small retainer. However, Libby Hikind feels that after 12 years, any grant writer who has previously worked with the company or has seen GrantWriterTeam’s many articles and YouTube videos will be able to implement these teachings when appropriate.

Grant Seekers

Grants seekers can post classified ads to attract grant writers who meet their requirements, toggling the contact information they want to share from private to public. As classified advertisers, they gain access for the duration to detailed grant writer profiles. This will enable grant seekers to directly connect with suitable candidates. 

When a grant seeker locates a grant on, they can click the ‘Grant Writer’ button directly and open to the start of their classified ad, giving them access to grant writer profiles. 

With its focus on empowering grant writers to create comprehensive profiles and grant seekers to make informed decisions, GrantWriterTeam aims to revolutionize the grant-writing community. By fostering direct communication, flexibility, and customization, the platform paves the way for successful partnerships.

For more information about GrantWriterTeam and its offerings, you can visit or also reach out to our staff by emailing

About GrantWriterTeam:

GrantWriterTeam is a platform that connects grant writers and grant-seekers, introducing new possibilities for collaboration and search processes. The platform’s customizable approach allows for tailored contract design off-site, empowering users in their grant-writing endeavors.