GrantWriterTeam: Your Questions Answered

With the recent reorganization of GrantWriterTeam, our staff thought this would be the perfect time to answer some frequently asked questions our customer care team has been getting about the new model.

How much does it cost to advertise as a grant writer on GrantWriterTeam?

To advertise your grant writer profile on GrantWriterTeam the cost is $30 a week or $100 a month. You may turn off the auto-renew option at any time on your My Account page.

Your advertising fee also gives you access to the contact information of the paid grant seekers on the site, and the ability to respond directly to all the grant writer jobs listed.

How much does it cost to advertise as a grant seeker looking for a grant writer on GrantWriterTeam?

Grant seekers can choose from various pricing options. These include $25 for one week, $50 for two weeks, $70 for three weeks, and the best value of $85 for a four-week classified ad posting. Paying this fee allows grant seekers to create an ad requesting a writer. It also allows grant seekers to see all grant writer profiles on the site.

How long will a grant writer job (classified ad) remain published on the GrantWriterTeam?

A grant seeker has the option of posting a classified ad for one, two, three, or four weeks. After that time, the ad will no longer be visible. We suggest you check the board and respond immediately before the ad comes down.

Do I have to answer every question in the GrantWriterTeam profile form?

You may complete all or part of your grant writer profile and when you pay the advertising fee, your profile will be published. You can go back in and edit your profile at any time. However, the more complete your profile is the more attractive it will be to clients. Just remember that clients come and go at various intervals, so waiting for perfection will cost you new jobs.

How do I obtain reliable and consistent clients?

When you work with a client and it becomes a win, win situation for both of you, the relationship continues. Being responsive and providing reasonable access for your clients to reach you during specific times builds a professional relationship with boundaries.

Do not share any details of your personal life with your clients, using it as an excuse when the work promised is not completed.  Meet all your deadlines and keep your promises. Be honest and truthful. Never convince a client to apply for a grant and never guarantee a win.

Always review the spelling and grammar of your work after finishing. Clients lose respect for work completed that is not up to par when the grant writer represented themselves as a professional.

Once your profile is published on GrantWriterTeam, you may contact the platform at and pitch an article for the GrantWriterTeam blog. Writing a blog article with grant-writing tips can help establish your expertise in the grant-writing world.

Do I pay GrantWriterTeam any part of what I earn from a client?

No, your arrangement with your client is private between you and the client. Your negotiations, contract, and contact is all done off-site. There are no hidden fees to advertising your skills on GrantWriterTeam. You just pay $30 a week or $100 a month.

However, if we receive complaints about your service, we may not allow you to continue to advertise on our website.

What is different about GrantWriterTeam’s new model?

GrantWriterTeam removed the profile approval process and has now placed the responsibility directly on the consumer. The site no longer receives payment for grant writing services for the grant writers through our portal. We do not mediate between the writer and the seeker. GrantWriterTeam’s new system is an advertising platform that involves a direct relationship and direct agreement between the grant seeker and the grant writer. 

If a grant writer has a previous profile on GrantWriterTeam, they will want to log in and update the profile adding a professional image or logo and a brief description of why a client should choose them.