Five Perks of Being a Grant Writer

Being a grant writer for GrantWriterTeam gives you the opportunity to increase your income and contribute to society! There are many upsides to this job, such as the convenience of creating your own schedule and the freedom to write whenever and wherever. The perks don’t stop there! If you’re on the fence about joining GrantWriterTeam, we created this list of advantages you may not find in an alternative job:

  • Make a difference in the world

GrantWriterTeam connects you instantly to nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals who need help making their dreams come true. By offering your expertise and experience to the grant-seeking client, you are providing clients with a better chance of obtaining funding for their notable causes.

  • Flexibility

GrantWriterTeam provides an ever-expanding, updated list of grant writer requests. As a writer, you have the option to bid on a request when you are available and the freedom to accept only the jobs you want. Everything is in your hands.

  • Be your own boss

After the client accepts your bid, you work closely with the client and set up a system of deliverables. You create a timeline with dates on which you can efficiently complete the work. In terms of payment, every project is broken down into deliverables and fees. After the client pays each deliverable, you provide the corresponding segment of the project. You may also choose between charging a flat rate for the entire project or an hourly rate per deliverable. Remember the client needs to be in agreement or they will not sign the contract.

  • Support

GrantWriterTeam customer support is committed to helping you and your client make this the smoothest transaction possible. We offer your client one-on-one assistance with navigating the website. In addition, if any issues arise during the project, we contact both parties to resolve any miscommunications.

  • Make connections

GrantWriterTeam helps organizations across the world find appropriately skilled grant writers. As a telecommute writer, you offer a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to identify new avenues of funding for their projects. Additionally, as a writer for GrantWriterTeam, you build an expansive client base across various countries while offering help to a diverse multitude of communities.

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This article was written by Dominique Matalon.