Grant Writing Tips For A Strong Grant Application

When a new grant-seeker starts applying for grants they are often like a deer in the headlights wondering where to begin. However, keep in mind, with hard work and a lot of passion anyone can write a grant. Funding sources can receive thousands of grant applications, so it is critical that you stand out. GrantWriterTeam has helpful tips for your application, so you can submit your grants with confidence.

1. Know Your Audience

Learn as much about potential funders as you can. One easy way to research your funder is to use GrantWatch’s 990 Finder and Foundation Search to locate nonprofit 990 reports to expedite this often tedious process. This information provides valuable insight as to what motivates the funder. Pay close attention to their donation trends, that is, who they give to and how much they give.  For example, check your organization’s eligibility for the grant and consider how much funding you need. Then, look at the donor foundation’s mission and grant-giving history.

2. Align Your Goals With The Funder

Ensuring your nonprofit’s mission and funding needs align with those of the donor foundation is imperative. When you write a grant your job is to ensure the funder understands why your organization’s work is important to your cause. Showcase your passion with a well-thought-out plan to utilize the funds. Do not fall into the temptation of using a template for grant proposals. Use your passion and real data to illustrate how your organization is the best candidate for the grant. Grant funders are eager to see your unwavering dedication to the project. One of the best grant writing tips for a grant application is to allow your passion to shine through the pages of your grant proposal to create a lasting impression.

3. Check and Re-Check Your Grant Application

The most crucial of the grant writing tips for your grant application is to thoroughly check and re-check your work. Do not rush your grant application. Grant applications vary in size and requirements. Did you know that foundation or corporate grant applications can take up to 20-30 hours to complete? Do not rush the process. Take your time answering each question. Checking and re-checking your grant application will increase your success rate of being awarded a grant. For example, did you ensure that your grant application has all of the required documents and followed all application guidelines. Did you use the correct sized font, include a budget and check for all typos? Did you ensure the required elements are included? Your organization’s application will be rejected if the required items are missing. This denial can happen even if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Need More Help? Hire A Professional Grant Writer

Now that you have reviewed helpful grant writing tips for your grant application you may still decide that grant writing is not for you. It is not uncommon to hire a professional writer to assist with preparing grant proposals in their behalf. Consider your writer an extension of your organization who will coach you throughout the grant-seeking process. If you would like to hire a professional grant writer, visit and post a classified ad. A good grant writer has industry knowledge, creativity, strong writing skills, and a proven track record. It is imperative that you vet your grant writer and hire an individual who has the qualifications you need.

About GrantWriterTeam

Are you a nonprofit or small business in need of some help? If you are searching for grants but are feeling overwhelmed, hiring a grant writer may be the perfect choice for you! Grant writers thoughtfully grant opportunities and consider the pros and cons of applying and the chance of success. Consider your writer an extension of your organization. They will coach you throughout the entire process and curate the project to fit your needs. Your grant-seeking success is our priority at GrantWriterTeam.