Employee Volunteerism: Helping The Community While Increasing Your Brand’s Reach

Did you know that employee volunteerism is a great way to improve the culture of any organization? This includes nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Not only does volunteering help an organization, there are benefits to the individuals who choose to volunteer. Volunteering cultivates a genuine connection between employees and their place of employment. This connection and the validation of making an impact for a cause raise morale and increase employee retention rates.

Employee Volunteerism Defined

Employee volunteerism is when employees of an organization volunteer their time and talents to support their community. Volunteering has many benefits. To illustrate, medical professionals encourage individuals struggling with depression or anxiety to volunteer for causes they care about. Encouraging your team to volunteer is known to increase morale and increase your brand’s image.

“Identifying your company’s values and designing opportunities that align with those passions is an excellent way to stay on track, drive employee engagement, and keep your company culture focused on, and excited about, creating social impact.” – Bright Funds 

How To Encourage Employee Volunteerism

There are various ways to encourage employee volunteerism within your organization. Volunteer-minded organizations build employee volunteer programs. Once a program is in place, a business may partner with organizations to host events and fundraisers. Programs that help you plan the best way to increase awareness and encourage your team to volunteer are available. To illustrate, Dollars for Doers provides resources for employers to encourage employee volunteerism. Above all, it makes good sense that donating your time and focusing your attention on life-affirming causes makes us feel better about ourselves.

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