How to Hire a Grant Writer

GrantWriterTeam is where grant writers are connected to grant seekers. GrantWriterTeam is the company to work with if you’re a grant writer, a nonprofit, or a small business.  As someone seeking grants, start off at with the “Request a Writer” tab at

It’s important to fill out all the information, in detail, so that the grant writers have as much information as possible. when you answer the questions  – do not include the name of the organization (write We or Our organization, etc), we keep you anonymous until you choose the grant writer.

After you are finished with the form, you will be prompted to pay a $50 administrative fee. This is for processing the writer request and for advertising your needs.

Once grant writers have gotten the chance to view your writer request, you will begin receiving bids on your project. To check these out, log into Click My Writer Requests. Then, click Bid List to see who has bid on your request.

On the Bid Listing, you will see all the grant writers who have bid on your project, plus their pricing structure and expertise.

To view the bid in its entirety, click View. Here, you will be able to see the awarded grants of the grant writer plus writing samples (up to 3).

After accepting the bid, you will then be contacted by the grant writer. You will negotiate the complete flat fee divided into a small retainer and a series of project deliverables. Deliverables are the parts of the whole project with pieces or parts of written work or research that will be delivered within an hour of the payment of the agreed upon cost. They can be sections or drafts of a grant. We recommend using sections as deliverables so that you can review and provide your feedback of additional information about your organization.

After you speak with the grant writer, he/she will generate a contract based on their discussion with you. With the contract you will receive a link to view the grant writer’s full resume and two professional references. Please contact these references and verify that this grant writer is in fact the best choice for your organization.

If you want to choose a different grant writer – you need to do that before approving the contract.  If there is something in the contract you would like to change we provide a Make Changes to the Contract button with a text box for you to explain what you want changed or modified.  The button will send a message and re-open the contract for the grant writer to make those changes (otherwise the contract remains locked changes  cannot be made and is waiting for your approval).

Once you’ve approved the contract, you will be directed to a Pay Now button and also receive an automatic email, to pay the small retainer.

Now, within My Writer Requests, you will see a Deliverable List.

Clicking the Deliverable List will take you to a document where the grant writer has written out the agreed upon deliverables. The Deliverable List is an easy way to keep track of the work and the proposed/anticipated completion dates, payments and the delivered work of your proposal.

When you are in the market for a grant writer, look no further than You will find courteous, professional, and experienced writers. Remember to check out your bid list after submitting a writer request and have a thorough conversation with the grant writer about what you expect and when.