How to Request a Grant Writer

The grant writing process can be intimidating and time-consuming. Many organizations can use the extra funding provided by grants, but simply lack the time and know-how to write a good proposal.

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place. The professionals at GrantWriterTeam are here to help save you time and win a grant. It’s been shown that grant seekers that hire one of our grant writers tend to see a 70%-95% increase in the likelihood of being awarded grant funds. The process of submitting a request for one of our experienced grant writers is simple. Read on for a step-by-step walkthrough.

User Account

Before you submit a request for a grant writer, you need to create a User Account. To do this, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button in the top right corner of GrantWriterTeam. Enter your email and be sure to select ‘I Need a Grant Writer’ as your membership type. Complete the form by filling out your country, state, phone number and setting a password.

Once you have submitted your User Account application, you should be automatically taken to a Request a Writer form. If you are not automatically taken here, navigate to the GrantWriterTeam homepage and select ‘Request a Writer’.

Do You Have a Grant Application(s) In Hand For Which You Want To Apply?

The first thing the request application will ask you is whether or not you already have a grant in mind that you would like to apply to. If you have found grant opportunities on GrantWatch that you are interested in, select ‘Yes’. This will open up a space for you to input the specific grant or grants that you would like to apply to. You must input the name of the grant, its deadline or due date and link its GrantWatch URL. A Request a Writer application provides space for only four grants. If you have more than four grants you’d like to apply for, you may mention this to your grant writer.

What Is Your Primary Purpose in Seeking a Grant Writer?

Next, you must detail what your primary purpose of seeking a grant writer is. This can be brief, and usually simply states whether you need a grant writer to only write a proposal for you, or if you also require them to do research on your behalf.

Please Describe Your Programming and/or Dollar Needs.

Here you need to describe the programming or project you intend to observe with the grant winnings and how much money you expect will be needed. This section should be detailed; the more information you give your grant writer about your goals, the better they can help you.

Are You In Need of a Grant Writer to Research and Locate Grants?

If you don’t have an specific grants in mind for your organization, you can hire a grant writer to do this research for you. If you select ‘Yes’, a new section will open with an option to set the number of hours per week or month that you would like the grant writer to spend researching grant opportunities. The minimum hourly rate for hiring a grant writer to research is $40. This rate varies depending upon the grant writer.

Are You in Need of a Grant Writer to Write a Curriculum?

If you are in need of a grant writer to write a curriculum for you, select ‘Yes’. This will open up an additional section where you can list the number of hours per week or month that you would like the grant writer to spend on creating a curriculum. The same hourly rates from researching grants apply here.

Are You in Need of a Grant Writer to Create and Promote Your Fundraising Page? is GrantWatch’s crowdfunding website. Here, you can create a campaign for your cause in addition to apply for grant opportunities on GrantWriterTeam. YouHelp is unique among crowdfunding sites because it offers hands-on counselling from a qualified campaign manager to help advise your particular campaign. Creating a YouHelp campaign is a good idea for organizations and individuals who are serious about finding funding for their causes and goals. If you would like one of our qualified grant writers to help create a compelling campaign for you, select ‘Yes’ and input the number of hours you would like them to work on it.

When Would You Like the Grant Writer to Begin Work?

Choose either ‘Immediately’ or a future date.

Type of Organization

Here you list the type of organization you are. You may choose all options that you feel apply.

Please Describe the Type of Services or Programs You Presently Provide

If your organization already provides services, list them here. This section is different from describing your programming; here, you detail the services you already provide, not the programs/services you intend to provide with the grant funding. If you do not currently provide any services, leave this section blank.

How Do You Presently Generate Revenue to Provide Your Services?

If your organization generates revenue, describe how in this section. If it does not, leave this section blank.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Existence?

Input the number of years and months that your organization has existed. You must provide a number in this section.

In What Geographic Areas Do You or Will You Be Providing Services?

Please detail what geographic area your organization operates in. If you are hiring a writer to research grant opportunities for you, this section is important to help them narrow down their search.

Will This Be Your First Time Applying For Grant Funds?

If you have applied to grants before, select ‘No’ and detail your previous grant applications.

Have You Previously Received Grant Funds?

If you have been awarded grant funds before, select ‘Yes’ and provide the amount you received, and detail your grant history – what grants you applied to and if you were awarded any funds.

Do You Have a Copy of Your Previously Written Grant Application(s)?

If you have a copy of any previously written grant applications, select ‘Yes‘ and be prepared to provide them to your grant writer upon request. Previous grant applications can help inform your writer about you and your organization and give them an advantage to writing a winning proposal for you.

Do You Have a Fundraising Packet?

If your organization has a fundraising packet or a stated plan for how you generate income, select ‘Yes’ and provide details.

Do You Have an Agency Mission Statement?

If your organization has a mission statement, insert it here.

Contact Information

Finally, fill out your contact information. This information is kept secure and sent out only to your first choice grant writer.


When you have completely filled out all of these fields, press the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page. You will be brought to the Payment page and be prompt to pay the $50 administration fee to submit your request. If you do not pay the administration fee, your request will not be considered.

After payment has been received, your request will be submitted to the GrantWriterTeam admins for review. If there are any revisions you need to make, your request will be submitted back to you with a description of the necessary changes. Once your request is approved by GrantWriterTeam, it will be posted to our grant writers and opened up for bids.


Now you need only wait for the grant writers to bite. Be aware that this may take some time. Grant seekers may expect to wait anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, so plan accordingly. The grant writing process can be a lengthy one. It is wise to choose a grant opportunity with a far-off deadline.

When you receive a bid from a grant writer, you should expect to pay at least $500 for the whole process, though usually this amount is larger.

With time and patience, your grant writer will fashion a outstanding proposal, and your chances of winning the grant will skyrocket.