Top 10 Qualities to Look for in a Grant Writer

Top 10 Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Grant Writer

When choosing a grant writer, you should not make the decision lightly. Not only will this writer be responsible for creating a winning grant proposal, but they will also be a direct representation of your organization to the funding source. This means you want to make sure to choose a grant writer that shares your organization’s values and has the skills and qualities you want your organization to exemplify.

GrantWriterTeam cares about your grant-seeking journey and wants to make sure you have all the information to make the best choice when choosing a grant writer. For this reason, GrantWriterTeam has decided to share the top 10 qualities your nonprofit should try to look for in a grant writer. All of these qualities make for a skilled and competent writer and will no doubt give you the best chance at winning a grant.

10 Qualities You Should Look for in a Grant Writer Before Making Your Choice

1. Organized

Finding a grant writer that is organized is crucial since this writer will have to be able to meet deadlines, prioritize sections of the application, and multitask work for other clients. Having an organized writer will ensure your proposal will be completed and completed on time.

2. Detail-oriented

Attention to detail is another quality you should look for in a grant writer. Many grant proposals have extensive requirements that can seem overwhelming and intense. Finding a writer who can understand these directions and follow them to the letter will pay off immensely in the long run.

3. Passionate

Being passionate is arguably one of the most important traits a grant writer can have. When it comes to asking for grants, funding sources want to see that you care about your cause and that you truly have the passion to make a change. Finding a writer who shares in this passion and can show it on paper is wonderful.

4. Professional

Along with the other qualities mentioned so far, professionalism is important to seek out in a grant writer. Having a professional grant writer guarantees a good working relationship. Professional grant writers are more likely to keep you updated each step of the way and to follow all the guidelines. They are also more likely to be punctual when it comes to following deadlines.

5. Experienced

If your grant writer has no experience in grant writing, it is probably not a good idea to rely on them to write your grant proposal. You should look for a grant writer who has written numerous successful grant applications before. Finding a writer who has experience means that you are getting help from someone who knows the industry, the lingo, and the expectations. An experienced grant writer will be familiar with the usual requirements for grant proposals and will know what funding sources are looking for when it comes to the application process.

6. Creative

When looking for a grant writer, finding someone with a creative outlook is always a plus. Most funding sources like to read proposals that are different from the run-of-the-mill proposal. Finding someone creative can give your grant proposal the edge it needs to stand out to funding sources.

7. Tech-savvy

Most people would not think of being tech-savvy as a requirement of a grant writer. However, in this modern world, more and more grant applications are moving to the virtual world only. With some online grant portals more complex than others, it is imperative that your grant writer have the skills to navigate the funding source’s website, upload important documents, and submit the final application.

8. Persistent

Grantwriting is a challenging industry to get into and oftentimes takes multiple tries to perfect. Even if you hire a writer with loads of experience, it may still take a few tries to get a grant. This is because some grants are more competitive than others and have a lot of applicants. For this reason, it is important to choose a grant writer that is persistent and will not give up. This writer will be working directly with your organization and needs to have the motivation to keep trying even if the first time doesn’t work out. You want a writer you can trust to stick around until you have the funding you need.

9. Ethical

Grant writers should be ethical and morally just. Not only is it best if they align with the views of the organization and share the same desire to make a positive change, but they also should be someone you can trust to do the right thing. Having an ethical grant writer means there is no question of where they will deliver the work they agreed to do and will stick to the contract they signed.

10. Articulate

Lastly, the most important quality to look for is someone who is articulate and has good communication skills. A big part of grant writing is persuading the funding source that this organization is the right fit for its financial help. This act requires strong writing skills and the ability to clearly and concisely show your point of view.

We hope this list finds you well and helps your nonprofit find the perfect grant writer to help your organization receive funding! Check out GrantWriterTeam’s blog for more articles about hiring a grant writer and tips for writing grant proposals.