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Why You Need a Curriculum

When searching for a grant, you will find often that the criteria and eligibility requirements can vary widely. Some grants have few requirements and apply to almost anyone. Others have strict eligibility requirements. For grants pertaining to education, development and enrichment, you may find that the funding source requests a curriculum to be included with the grant proposal.

But what exactly does this mean?

A curriculum is a course of study, a structured syllabus for learning and education. When applying for a grant, the funder will often require a breakdown of your intended programming. This is especially true for grants focused on education and development. A curriculum outlines the lessons and programming you intend to pursue should you be awarded a grant.

Four Quality Curriculum Components

  • Guidance – For using the curriculum
  • Scope and sequence – Offers a big-picture view of the curriculum
  • Instructional units – Goes into more detail than the big-picture view
  • Lesson plans – Coordinated to make up the instructional units.

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A curriculum is developed for many things. Examples of areas where a curriculum could be needed include:

  • Workforce development programs
  • Youth and adult education programs
  • STEM education
  • Balanced literacy
  • Anti-bullying education and advocacy
  • Financial literacy
  • Any other program from pre-school to higher education.

Curriculums developed and written by GrantWriterTeam grant writers will be comprehensive and match best practices. With a professionally written curriculum, your grant proposal will never look better.