GrantWriterTeam FAQs for Grant Seekers

Are you a grant seeker looking to hire a grant writer? GrantWriterTeam is a premier service for matching grant seekers with grant writers. Here are 15 of the most commonly asked questions about to help you determine if our service is right for you!

1. What Can a Grant Writer Do?

Grant writers are available for a range of services, not limited to:
• Locating grant opportunities you may be eligible for, including
– Finding federal, state & local grants
– Finding foundation grants and contracts
• Writing LOIs (letter of intent/interest)
• Writing Proposal Narratives
• Writing RFPs (Requests for Proposal)
• Completing a Needs Assessment
• Developing Budgets
• Curriculum Development
• Preparing Evaluation Reports
• Polishing of your current application/ quality assurance

2. Am I Guaranteed to Receive a Grant?

There is no guarantee of being awarded a grant. However, hiring an experienced grant writer does increase the chances of being awarded a grant. Without a grant writer, the average is a 1 in 10 chance. Grant proposals that are prepared by professional grant writers usually have a 60% chance of approval.

3. How Much is it to Hire a Grant Writer?

There is a US$50.00 administration fee that is required upfront. Your job is then posted out to our grant writers. Grant writers who are interested in your project will send you their quotes for your job. Grant writers charge between $40 – $200 per hour and average 15 – 25 hours. The grant writer fees will vary according to the writer’s expertise and the location where the grant writer resides.

There is a minimum of US$500.00 per writer request. You can list multiple grants/tasks on your writer request. The total median price overall is usually $1,500, however, this varies depending on the work needed. It can be higher or lower. As a rule of thumb, grant writers typically charge up to 5% of the grant/s you are applying for. For example; if the grant you are applying for is $100,000 – then you should expect to pay up to $5,000 to hire a grant writer. 

4. Will Grant Writers Work on a Contingency Fee?

GrantWriterTeam will not work on a contingency basis or a success fee. If a grant writer offers to write the grant and be paid a percentage of the grant, then you should absolutely run away. This is not only unethical but goes against the state, federal, and foundation funding guidelines. If a funder were to ever find out that the grant writer was paid a percentage of the grant award, at the very least, the grant would be rescinded, and at worst, there could be legal consequences.

5. How Much Notice Does a Grant Writer Need?

If you have a particular grant you wish to apply for, please give no less than 21 days’ notice before the deadline. Ideally, grant writers need at least three weeks to guarantee successful completion.

6. Can I Choose My Grant Writer?

Yes! You must complete your application form in order to receive quotes from our grant writers and view their profiles. Once grant writers have bid on your project, you can choose a grant writer whose resume and experience suit your needs. We are unable to match you with grant writers in a specific area. It does not matter where they are located, as you will be corresponding via phone, email, and online meeting services (such as Skype or Zoom).

7. What is the Success Rate of the GrantWriterTeam?

Our writers are experts at researching and writing grants. All grant writers listed on our site have all been awarded at least 3 grants previously, and exhibit a high rate of success. Success rates vary depending on which writer you choose. Click here to view the success of our grant writers on their many grant awards.

8. How Do I Hire a Grant Writer and What is the Process?

Step 1) Submit your request for a grant writer on our website. There is a $50 administrative fee to begin the process. If you do not receive any bids on your request, you are eligible for a full refund.

Step 2) Your application will be reviewed by our support team. Please allow up to three business days. You will be contacted via email if any further information is required.

Step 3) Once your application has been approved, your job will be posted out to our professional grant writers.

Step 4) Grant writers who are interested in your project will “bid” on your job. You can check any bids you receive by visiting your GrantWriterTeam dashboard, clicking on the tab ‘My Writer Requests’, and selecting your ‘Bid List’. Once you have a bid, you will be able to view the grant writer’s expertise and accept the writer of your choice.

Step 5) Once you accept a grant writer’s bid, you will be required to negotiate a contract and an agreed fee with your chosen grant writer. There is a US$500 minimum. The grant writer will reach out to you either by phone or email (check your spam and junk folders). Please read and sign the contract created in order to move forward.

Step 6) No work will commence until the retainer is paid. All payments are made through our secure portal on our website. As each deliverable is completed, the files are uploaded to the GrantWriterTeam portal by the writer. Pay your outstanding fee required for each deliverable. After your payment has been processed, you will be able to download and review the deliverable (file).

9. How Long Until a Grant Writer Accepts My Bid?

Please wait patiently for bids to come through. Each project is different and varies. If your request receives no bids after 7 days, we will send out your job on our social media pages. Our grant writers are notified daily via email of any new and existing jobs. If you do not receive any bids on your request, you are eligible for a full refund.

10. How Does the Payment Work After I Sign the Contract?

You do not pay everything upfront. Instead, we base our system on “deliverables”, which are portion amounts. The retainer (first deliverable) needs to be paid before the grant writer is able to commence work on the first deliverable. Once the work is completed by the writer for the set deliverable, the grant writer will upload their work, and then you are required to pay before you can download it. This cycle will then continue. The grant writer will begin work for the next deliverable, and then you will be required to pay the next portion to download it. This will continue so forth until completion. That way both you and the grant writer are protected.

11. What is the Retainer Fee and is it an Additional Payment?

The retainer fee is not an additional charge. The retainer is a part of the total amount charged for the project. It is there to ensure that you (the client) pays for the contract.

12. How Do I See My Contract?

When logged into the GrantWriterTeam portal, click on the tab ‘My Writer Request’ and then select ‘View My Contract’. If any changes are needed, click on ‘Please make some changes to this request’ and the grant writer will be able to edit the contract and the deliverables for you. Once you agree to the contract, click on ‘I Approve This Contract’ to digitally sign the contract. If your contract is not signed, your project will not move forward.
*Note: Every time an amendment or change is made to the contract, you will be required to approve it again.

13. How Do I Make a Payment?

1) To make a payment, log in to your GrantWriterTeam account.
2) Then click on the tab ‘My Writer Requests’.
3) Click on the button ‘Deliverable List’ and then continue to the blue button that reads ‘Pay Now’.
Need help? Watch our short tutorial video. If you have any questions or experience any issues, do not hesitate to reach out.

14. What Makes GrantWriterTeam Different?

The GrantWriterTeam assures that all work is completed in a timely manner. GrantWriterTeam also allows grant writers to bid on the jobs that suit them, allowing grant seekers to find the professionals they feel comfortable working with based on their areas of expertise and pricing. We look forward to getting you started and finding the perfect fit for your needs.

15. Who Should Not Hire a Grant Writer?

If you already have a grant you are looking to apply for, then make sure you include it in your writer request application form. However, if you seeking a grant writer to locate grants on your behalf and you are :
• a for-profit business that has been in operation for less than two years
• an entrepreneur or startup business
• individuals looking for personal financial assistance
Then our services may not be for you, as there is limited funding available.

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